With all the problems the University is having with the Al Azif translation project, this list was found when Barry Tweedle and Marjorie Cumming Pickman disappeared.  It is believed to be the hand of Ms. Pickman. 

     1.  Rats in the Walls - Ancient Roman cult of Cybele and Attys brought to England.  According to Oxford and Cambridge sources, there is no sign of this cult continuing unless veiled in the "Wicca" movement.

     2.   The Haunter of the Dark - the Starry Wisdom cult.  Modern believers in the ancient occult.  Kind of like the Red Dawn.  Seems to have vanished. 

     3.   The Horror at Red Hook - The cult of Lilith (?) run by Robert Suydam.  Police reports from Brooklyn, New York verify the demise of the cult unless it moved out of that jurisdiction. 

     4.   The Whisperer in Darkness - Friends of the Fungi From Yuggoth.  This one sounds a bit crazy.  Will be driving up next Saturday to investigate. 

     5.   The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - from the witchcult of Jospeh Curwen to the Rosicrusian-like society.  Still extant but believed to be harmless social club.

     6.   The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow over Innsmouth, and The History of the Necronomicon.  The Cult of Cthulhu.  An international conspiracy to bring down the established order.  May relate to the Tchortcha.

     7.   Check The Mound for cults to a number of the gods of the Mythos including Tsathoggua, Nug, Yeb, Cthulhu, Shug-Niggurath, etc.

     8.   Check Out of the Aeons for the cult of Ghatanothoa (?). 

     9.  Tchortcha: renegade band of Tibetan soldier/monks who serve the Slayer of Souls, grand servant of the Great Green God. according to Prof. Uslane. - Believed to be the cult which murdered Abdul Alhazred.  Ties to China and Tibet.  Written about with terror by the Hashassins and still listed on the FBI list of terrorist organizations (why still?).  Have hand-delivered letter found two days ago in the office warning about pursuing this course of study.  Probably a hoax by another student.  Barry is checking out the handwriting with Professor Yanusch to see is the culprit can be found. 

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