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This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but should help the seeker to begin to find.  Included are works that have bearing under the broadly defined topic of druidism.  The merits of each work are left to be decided by the reader, and do not necessarily receive my personal indorsement. It is often important that we become familiar even with the worse pieces of scholarship because they have such an historical impact.  I am interested in Druidism, the Craft, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and such things, and would be interested in
corresponding with most anyone.  My CIS # is 71460, 3271.  Anyway, I hope this is helpful. 

T.B. Melchizedek

It would also appear that some of these books are in their original languages, ie, Gaelic and French...LoneStar

Anwyl, E., Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times, London, 1906.

Ashe, Geoffrey, The Ancient Wisdom, London, 1977.

Bellows, H.A., The Poetic Edda, New York, 1968.

Bonewits, P.E.I. (ed), The Druids' Progress:  Reports #1-4 of Ar Ndraiocht Fein, 1984: 1984: 1985: 1987.

Bradley, M.Z., The Mists of Avalon, New York, 1982.

Bromwick, R., Trioedd Ynys Prydein: The Welsh Triad, Cardiff, 1961.

Cagnat, R., Sacred Spring of Alesia, quoted as note in Ant. Journal, II, 147, London, 1922.

Campbell, J.G., Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Glasgow, 1900.

Campbell, J.G., Witchcraft and Second Sight in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Glasgow, 1902.

Carney, J. (ed.), Early Irish Poetry, Cork, 1965.

Chadwick, Nora, The Celts, Harmondsworth, 1970.

Danielou, Alain, Hindu Polytheism, London, 1964.

Davidson, H.R.E., Gods and Myths of Northern Europe, New York, 1964.

Davidson, H.R.E., Pagan Scandinavia, London, 1967.

Dillon, M. and Chadwick, N., The Celtic Realms, London, 1967.

Dillon, M., Early Irish Literature, Chicago, 1948.

Dillon, M., Irish Sagas, Cork, 1970.

Dillon, M., Serglige con Culainn, Dublin, 1953.

Dillon, M., Tain Bo Fraich, Dublin, 1933.

Dunn, J., Tain Bo Cualinge, Dublin, 1914.

Dumezil, G., Les Dieux des Indo-Europeans, Paris, 1952.

Dumezil, G., Mithra-Varuna, Paris, 1940.

Duval, P-M., Les Dieux de la Gaule, Paris, 1957.

Duval, P-M.,  Teutates, Esus, Taranis, Etudes Celtiques 8, 1958-59, pp. 41-58.

Eliade, M., Images et Symboles, Paris, 1961.

Eliade, M., Le Chamanisme et les Techniques Archaiques de l'Extase, Paris, 1964.

Evans-Pritchard, E.E., Theories of Primitive Religion, Oxford, 1965.

Evans-Wentz, W.Y., The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, Oxford, 1954.

Filip, J., Celtic Civilisation and Its Heritage, 1962.

Graves, Robert, The White Goddess, London, 1975.

Gwynn, E., The Metrical Dindshenchas, RIA Todd Lecture Series, IX, 1906; X, 1913; XI, 1924, Dublin.

Hadingham, Evan, Circles and Standing Stones, London, 1975.

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Harrison, Michael, The Roots of Witchcraft, London, 1966.

Hawkins, G.S., Stonehenge Decoded, London, 1966.

Hehir, B.O., (trans.), Ten Old Irish Tales, UC Berkeley, 1976.

Herzberg, M.J., Myths and their Meaning, Boston, 1977.

Huxley, Francis, The Way of the Sacred, New York, 1974.

Jackson, K.H., The Oldest Irish Tradition, Cambridge, 1964.

James, E.D. (ed), The Cult of the Mother-goddess, London, 1959.

Jung, C.G. and Kerenyi, C., Essays on a Science of Mythology:  The Myth of the Divine Child and the Mysteries of Eleusis, Princeton, New Jersey, 1973.

Kendrick, T.D., The Druids:  A Study of Celtic Prehistory, London, 1966; first ed. 1927.

Killip, Margaret, Folklore of the Isle of Man, London, 1975.

Kinsella, Thomas, The Tain, London, 1969.

Lambrechts, Pierre, Contributions of l'Etudes des Divinites Celtiques, Bruges, 1942.

Lambrechts, Pierre, L'Exaltation de la Tete dans Pensee et dans l'Art des Celtes, Bruges, 1954.

Lambrechts, Pierre, Note sur le Passage de Gregoire de Tours relatif a la Religion Gauloise, Latomus, 1954.

Lambrechts, Pierre, Note sur une statuette en bronze de Mercure, L'Antiquite Classique X, 1941, Brussels, 1946.

L'Amy, John, Jersey Folklore, Jersey, 1927.

Lempriere, Raoul, Customs, Ceremonies and Traditions of the Channel Islands, London, 1976.

Lewis, I.M., Ecstatic Religion, Harmondsworth, 1975.

Llywelyn, Morgan, Bard:  The Odyssey of the Irish, New York, 1987.

Macculloch, J.A., The Religion of the Ancient Celts, Edinburgh, 1911.

MacNeill, Maire, The Festival of Lughnasa, Oxford, 1962.

Markale, Jean, Les Celtes, paris, 1969.

Markale, Jean, Le Roi Arthur, Paris, 1976.

Markale, Jean, Women of the Celts, Gordon & Cremonesi, London, 1975.

Marwick, Ernest W., The Folklore of the Orkney and Shetland Islands, London, 1975.

Matthews, William, The Ill-Framed Knight, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1966.

Maudite, J.A., L'Epopee des Celtes, Paris, 1973.

McCrum, R., Cran, W., and MacNeil R., The Story of English, New York, 1986.

Neumann, Erich, The Great Mother, London, 1955.

O'Rahilly, T.F., Early Irish History and Mythology, Dublin, 1946.

Paine, Lauran, Witchcraft and the Mysteries, New York and London, 1975.

Piggott, Stuart, The Druids, London, 1955.

Piggott, Stuart, The Sources of Geoffrey of Monmouth, Antiquity, XV; 269-86; 305-19, 1941.

Powell, T.G.E., The Celts, London, 1958.

Rasmussen, K., The Intellectual Culture of the Igluk Eskimos, Copenhagen, 1929.

Rees, Alwyn and Brinley, Celtic Heritage, London, 1961.

Rhys, John, Lectures on the Origin nd Growth of Religion as Illustrated by Celtic Heathendom, Hibbert Lectures, 1888.

Ross, Professor Anne, Pagan Celtic Britain, London, 1974.

Sen, K.M., Hinduism, Harmondsworth, 1975.

Sharkey, John, Celtic Mysteries:  The Ancient Religion, New York, 1975.

Shirokogoroff, S.M., Psychological Complex of the Tungus, London, 1935.

Simos, Miriam (Starhawk), Dreaming the Dark:  Magic, Sex and Politics, Boston, 1982.

Simos, Miriam (Starhawk), The Spiral Dance:  A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, San Francisco, 1979.

Sjoestedt, M.L., Dieux et Heras de Celtes, trs M. Dillon, Paris, 1940.

Sjoestedt, M.L., Le Siege de Druim Damghaire, Revue Celtique, XLIII, 1-123, 1926.

Soustelle, Jacques, The Daily Life of the Aztecs, Paris, 1955; London, 1961.

Stenning, E.H., A Portrait of the Isle of Man, London, 1958.

Stokes, W., Adventure of St. Columba's Clerics, Revue Celtique, XXVI; 130-92, 1905.

Stokes, W., The Battle of Allen, Revue Celtique, XXIV, 41-70, 1903.

Stokes, W., The Battle of Mag Mucrime, Revue Celtique, XIII, 426-74, 1892.

Stokes, W., The Birth and Life of St. Moling, Revue Celtique, XXVII, 1906.

Stokes, W., The Bodeleian Amra Cholimb Chille, Revue Celtique, XX, 30, 132, 1248, 400, 1899.

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Stokes, W., Find and the Phantoms, Revue Celtique, VII, 389-307, 1886.

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Stokes, W., Sanas Cormaic, Calcutta, 1868.

Stokes, W., The Second Battle of Moytura, Revue Celtique XII, 52-130, 1891.

Stokes, W., The Siege of Howth, Revue Celtique, VIII, 47-64, 1887.

Stokes, W., The Violent Deaths of Goll and Garb, Revue Celtique, XIV, 396-449, 1893.

Stokes, W., The Voyage of Hui Iorra, Revue Celtique, 22-69, 1893.

Stokes, W., The Voyage of Mael Phin, Revue Celtique, IX, 447-95, 1888.

Stokes, W., The Voyage of Snedgus and MacRiagla, Revue Celtique, IX, 14-25, 1888.

Sturluson, S., The Prose Edda, New York, 1929.

Thorsson, Edred, Futhark:  A Handbook of Rune Magic, York Beach, Maine, 1984.

Turville-Petre, E.O.G., Myth and Religion of the North, London, 1964.

Vendryes, J., La Religion des Celtes, Paris, 1948.

Vries, J. de, La Religion des Celtes, Paris, 1963.

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Weber, Max, The Religion of India, London, 1958.

Wright, R.P., The Whitley Castle Altar to Apollo, Journal of the Royal Society, XXXIII, 36-8, 1943.


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