Department of Metaphysics
Scholastic Sites
  • Societas Magica - An organization created to foster communication and the exchange of ideas between scholars interested in the study of magic during medieval times.
  • Esoterica - A scholarly journal focused on the investigation of esoteric spiritual traditions, with a special emphasis on Western esotericism. They also maintain a nice collection of links to additional resources.
  • Nature Religions Scholars Network - A group of scholars and practictioner scholars working in the area of nature-based religions.

Reference Sites

  • The Hermetic Library 
  • Al Billing's on-going project to provide a home for various texts and writings. Features include The Libri of Aleister Crowley, The Enochian World of Benjamin Rowe, Mark Stavish's essays, many of Bill Heidrick's texts, and the Golden Dawn Library.
  • Biblioteca Arcana - John Opsopaus' collection of original writings on Greco-Roman neopaganism. Includes factual materials as well as rituals and other information/
  • The Alchemy Virtual Library - A sprawling collection of alchemical texts, articles, images and more. Assembled by Adam McLean and also available as a CD-ROM.
  • Hermetic Kabbalah - A site dedicated to publishing modern material on Kabbalah and related topics. Hosted by Colin Low.
  • The John Dee Publication Project - An online source for primary materials relevant to the Enochian work of John Dee and Edward Kelly.


    Link Indices

    Rather than duplicate the work of others who have the time and, perhaps, the energy to catalog the World Wide Web of the Occult, only links to indices of occult sites are listed here.

    The following are comprehensive and exhaustive lists of occult resources on the net. Whether you are simply browsing or have a specific topic in mind, these are all good places to start searching.

  • The Occult Index 
  • Al Billing's Akashic Record 
  • Tim Maroney's Esoteric Spirituality Links 
  • The Dark Side of the Web's Occult Pages 
  • The AvatarSearch search engine and index 
  • The Esotericism Search Engine and Link Index 
  • The collection of links at Adam Forrest's Hermetic Fellowship website 
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