Department of Eastern Studies
The Al Azif Project


Al Azif:
the translated stories

by Professor Alicia Uslane, Ph.D. & Jean-Paul Ouellette
Copyright @ 1998, 2002 Miskatonic University Press / yankeeclassic.com



1. ARABIA - The Nameless City and the door to nowhere.

2. PERSIA - Afrasiab: Mystery involving the name 'Afrasiab': You doubtless recall the closing passage of Poe's 'Premature Burial'- where, after an allusion to 'Carathis' which baffled me till I had read 'Vathek,' there occurs the tenebrous final simile: "...but, like the Demons in whose company Afrasiab made his voyage down the Oxus, they must sleep, or they will devour us-they must be suffered to slumber, or we perish."  Now that image of Afrasiab sailing down the mysterious Oxus (a cryptic stream whose imaginative associations always fascinated me) on an accursed vessel full of sleeping demons - ineffable nighted things - held for me a macabre terror of peculiar intensity; a terror al the acuter because I could not trace the allusion to any source.  'Carathis' is found in 'Vathek'.  Afrasiab and his daemons are derived from Firdousi's great Persian epic, the 'Shah-Namah.'

3. ARABIA - Ibn Schacabao.  "I laste Nighte strucke on ye Wordes that bringe up YOGGE-SOTHOTHE, and sawe for ye firste Time that face spoke of by Ibn Schacabac in ye------------------.  And IT said, that ye III Psalme in ye Liber-Damnatus holdes y Clavicle.  With Sunne in V House, Saturne in Trine, drawe ye Pentagram of Fire, and saye ye ninth Verse thrice.  This Verse repeate eache Roodemasand Hallow's Eve, and ye thing will breede in ye Outside Spheres.  And of ye Seede of Olde shal One be borne who shal looke Backe, tho' know'g not what he seekes."

4. EGYPT - A discussion with Hermes Trigmegistus on the nature of magic and the universe while dining with Queen Nictokris in the Sphinx.  He reads the Emerald Tablets.  And is given the -- Books of Thoth.

5. Mind taken by the Great Race.  Visions of the past and future.  The world of early earth.

6. ARABIA - The Al Azif in the Great Desert.  Strange visions and meetings.

7. PERSIA - The Yezidi demon-worshippers of the Old Ones.

8. DREAMWORLD - Meeting with Um at-Tawil.

9. BABYLONIA - Cave of the Universe.

10. BABYLONIA - Seduction by Lilith or Cybele or Asenath.

11. Meeting with the Fungi from Yuggoth.

12. DREAMWORLD - Meeting with Randolph Carter.

13. DREAMWORLD - Meeting with the ghouls to seek the entrance to ...



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