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Robert W. Chambers

Gallery 2
The Artist

This image of Robert W. Chambers appeared as the frontispiece 
to "The King in Yellow."  His previous work, "In the Quarter"
had been released as an anonymous work.  With the rapid success of 
"The King in Yellow" Chambers turned to writing as his main career.  
"In the Quarter" was immediately re-released with 
"by the author of The King in Yellow, Robert W. Chambers."

A painting by Robert W. Chambers painted in 1893

The Chambers's were active in the New York social scene.
In 1910, Mrs. Robert W. (Elsie) Chambers donated this oil on canvass 
painting of The Old Mill (Vieux Moulin) [ca. 1892] 
by American impressionist Theodore Robinson (1852-1896)
to the The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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