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Robert W. Chambers

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New York City

Upon his return from studying art in France, young Chambers went to live
in a rooming house on New York City's Washington Square, a rooming 
house which had become famous for the variety of writers and artists
who have lived there.

Madame Katherine Blanchard's Rooming House at 61 Washington Square where 
many famous people lived including Robert W. Chambers, Alan Seeger, 
Theodore Dreiser, Adelina Patti, Frank Norris, Stephen Crane, Willa Cather, 
John Dos Passos, James Oppenheim, O. Henry, Henri Matisse, René duBois, 
Rose O'Neill, and Carton Moore-Park. 
The tree in the picture was planted in honor of poet Seeger in 1921. 
It was while living here that Chambers wrote "The King in Yellow" stories.

New York office

It appears that Chambers wrote from an 
office or residence at 43 East Eighty-Third Street
in New York City

Broadalbin, New York

Part of the Chambers family estate became Robert's refuge. In upper New York
State at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains is the town of Braodalbin.  It
was here that the Chambers's had a small summer house that would become, 
befitting the grand style in which a wealthy writer must live, a mansion in the
wilderness.  As a popular author, the local shops enjoyed selling postcards of
the author's home.  Though these one can see the evolution of his wealth.

One must assume that the small figures standing in front of the right 
porch are Robert and Elsie Chambers.

A similar view to the above by The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co shows the
author, looking debonair in his summer whites, standing in front of the house.

By the late 1920's the house had evolved into a mansion. 

The rear views of the house are as spectacular.

This bird's eye view, as the postcard claims, shows 
the rear view of the house prepared for a party of some kind.

Sadly the house has been changed and put to new use. 

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