The Hall of Authors
 Ambrose Bierce The man who disappeared, Ambrose Bierce
 Algernon Blackwood Algernon Blackwood, author on "The Willows," all time, top ten horror story.
 Robert W. Chambers The life and occult works of Robert W. Chambers
 Lord Dunsany The English fantasist who young Lovecraft went to hear.
 Robert E. Howard That shy boy from Texas, Robert E. Howard
 Sheridan Le Fanu The Irish writer who brought humanity to the undead vampire.
 Howard Phillips Lovecraft The life and works of H. P. Lovecraft.
 Edgar Allan Poe America's most famous author of weird fiction, Edgar Allan Poe
 Clark Ashton Smith The California artist/poet/sculptor turned horror writer, Clark Ashton Smith
"Weird Tales" Authors The many authors who wrote stories which were included in Weird Tales, the unique magazine.
Other Authors The many authors not selected for course study but worthy of attention and future course development.
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