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said to be by or related to Abra-melin the Mage
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The Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-melin the Mage as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his son Lamech

The Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-melin the Mage is a sixteenth century text dealing with the magic adventures in a picaresque, novel form.  There is a S. L. MacGregor Mathers 1898 edition of the Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Sage which reprints the London, 1691 version in which Mathers claimed to have translated from the original by Abraham Ben Simeon (much as Moses de Leon claimed that the Zohar was a translation of the original by Simeon ben Yohai).  Mathers said he found the manuscript, published in 1458, in the Bibliothèque de L'Arsenal.

A copy of this work exists in the Miskatonic University On Line Library

THE BOOK OF SACRED MAGIC OF ABRA-MELIN THE MAGE ...he obtained both his wife, and a treasure of 3,000,000 golden florins, by means of some of the Magical Operations described in this Book... AS DELIVERED BY ABRAHAM OF WURZBURG UNTO HIS SON LAMECH, A.D. 1458

Translated from the Original into the French, and now rendered from the latter language into English. From a unique and valuable MS. in the "Bibliothequede l'Arsenal"at Paris

Translated by S.L. MacGregor-Mathers, Edited by Adrian Axworthy

from the editor:  This rare and unique manuscript of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, from which the present work is translated, is a French translation from the original Hebrew of Abraham of Wurzburg.
    From his own account, the author of the present work appears to have been born in A.D. 1362, and to have written this manuscript for his son, Lamech, in 1458, being then in his ninety-sixth year.
     As far as can be gathered from the text, the chief place of residence of Abraham after his travels was Wurzburg, or, as it was called in the Middle Ages, "Herbipolis." He appears to have married his cousin, and by her to have had two sons, the elder, named Joseph, whom he instructed in the Mysteries of the Holy Qabalah, and Lamech, the younger, to whom he bequeaths this system of Sacred Magic as a legacy. He speaks further of three daughters, to each of whom he gave 100,000 golden florins as a dowry. He expressly states that he obtained both his wife, and a treasure of 3,000,000 golden florins, by means of some of the Magical Operations described in this Book.
    To the sincere and earnest student of Occultism this work cannot fail to be of value, whether as an encourage­ment to that most rare and necessary quality, unshaken faith; as an aid to his discrimination between true and false systems of Magic; or as presenting an assemblage of direc­tions for the production of Magical effects, which the author of the book affrms to have tried with success.
    Publisher: Holmes    Pages: 31

THE BOOK OF SACRED MAGIC OF ABRA-MELIN,THE MAGE AS DELIVERED BY ABRAHAM THE JEW UNTO HIS SON LAMECH, from a grimore of the 15th century, Translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers from an old French manuscript in the Bibliotheque de l' Arsenal at Paris. Printed by L.W. De laurence Chicago. 268 pages, binding tight,red cloth coverd boards. Numerous magic squares and spells and rituals. LARGE* 10 3/4 x 8"

The Book of Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

[Abramelin the Mage] New.  Dover, paperback, xlvii + 268pp.
Precise reproduction of the 1900 edition, with introduction and extensive commentary by translator.

     This is the original source book detailing the system of western occultism that Aleister Crowley chose as the vehicle for his magickal theories.
     Translated by notorious Golden Dawn occultist S.L. MacGregor Mathers.
     From Back cover: This system of Abramelin the Mage is known from a unique 15th century manuscript preserved in the Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal in Paris.  In it, Abraham of Wurzburg, a cabalist and connoisseur of magic, describes a tour that he made of the then civilized world, visiting sorcerers, magicians and cabalists, estimating their powers and virtues.
      The high point of Abraham's travels was found in a small town on the banks of the Nile, where he encountered the great  magician Abramelin, whose complete system Abraham thereupon sets out in detail.  This amounts to a complete course in ceremonial magic (both white and black), which the student can pursue by himself.

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