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The Book of Raziel

Still extant, The Book of Raziel is a grimoire reputedly derived from the Book of Signs, a magic manual attributed to Adam.
1. ff 1- Cephar Raziel.

'In the name of Almighty God living and very and everlasting and without all end with/which is said ?onay Saday Ehye Aferere I begin to write this book which is said Sephar Raziel with all his appertenamic/tis? in which ? seven tratises Complete or fulfilled that is vii bookes. Dixit Salomon gloria et lause et cum multo honore etc. Salomon said glory and praysing with much horore be ? Gode of all Creature, he that is singuler which made all things at one tyme. And he is one God vry mighty he alone that is and that was and which evermore shall be, and who had never and end or any like him neither is he like to have. And he is singuler without end, Lord alone without Corrumtion, holy Cleane meeke and great all thinge seeing and hearing and wise and in all thinge mighty. And I begin in this booke to put and ynsample that whosoever that hath it blame it not till he have red and heard all or somewhat of it, And then prayse the God maker of all thinge. 

'These be the ix precepts. Incipiunt precepta.  'Heere beginneth the precepts.   'Ne credas esse plures nisi unum singulare etc.   (1.) [in margine] No trow thou not to be moe (more?) or many but one singuler alone upon all thinge who hath none like him and him love y? and dread and honore with all trust and with good will and stable and with might and with all thy cleane heart. 

(2.) No live thou not without law, and thou shalt be loved of God they Creatore and of folkes.

(3.) No do thou not to another mane that thou wouldest to thy friend....   f. 3 [gives a list of the seven books]

1. The first is said Clavis for that in it is determyned of Astronomy and of the starres for without them we may do nothing - 12 operations, then the figures.

2. The second is said Ala for that in it is determined of the vertues of some stones of herbes and of beastes.

3. The third is said Tractatus Thymiamatum for that there is determined in it of Suffumigations and of Allegacions of them and divisions. 

4. The iiiith is said the Treatise of tymes of the yeere of the day and of the night for that in it is determined when any enly (any)thing ought to be done by this booke.

5. The vth is said the Treatise of Cleanesse for that there is determyned in it of Absynence.

6. The sixt is said Samaim for in that treatise it nammeth all the heavens and her hangels and the operations or wuethings of them.

7. The viith is the booke of Vertues for that thee is determined in it of vertues and miracles for there be solde the prpertyes of the arte and magicke and of his figures and of the ordinaunces of
the same.

Liber Rasielis? (liber continens septem libros parciales, qui dicitur Angelus magnus vel secreta secretorum) 

The cataloguer identifies the text as an ars notoria in seven books. By the first two titles, this could also be the Liber Rasielis.

Liber Rasielis 

Liber Razielis Angeli Adamo poenitenti post lapsum a Deo missus, per quem possit intelligere, scire et cognoscere omnia mirabilia, quae facta sunt et fuerunt, et sunt facienda, it. omnes potestates, quae sunt in colis et terrris, aquis, abyssis, et. coelos eorumque Angelos, ministros et uirtutes.

Book of Signs

A magic manual attributed to Adam.

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