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Arbatel of Magic

In Latin, published at Basle, 1575 (Arbatel, De Magia Veterum, Basileae, 1575, the mottoes on the title are Summum Sapientiae Studium and In omnibus consule Dominum, et nihil cogites, dicas, facias, quod tibi Deus non consuluerit). While the title or author "Arbatel" is Hebrew, the work is more of Christian origin than of Judaic. [* L'Arbre des batailles ???jpo]  Though the book claims nine sections it is likely that only the existant first was ever written. The first book is entitled "Isagoge" or essential or fundamental instruction. It was translated into German in 1686.

There is a version translated by Robert Turner in 1655 as "Arbatel of  Magick."  An electronic copy of this work was created by Benjamin Rowe, Auguste 1999.

A copy of this work exists in the Miskatonic University On Line Library


The Black Pullet

Or The Black Hen; or the Hen with the Golden Eggs, comprising the Science of Magic Talismans and Rings, the Art of Necromany and of the Kabbalah, for the Conjuration of Aerian and Infernal Spirits, of Sylphs, Undines, and Gnomes, for the acquisition of the Secret Sciences, for the Discovery of Treasures, for obtaining power to command all beings, and to unmask all Sciences and Bewitchments. The whole following the Doctrines of Socrates, Pythagoras, Zoroaster, Son of the Grand Aromasis, and other philosophers whose works in MS. escaped the conflagration of the Library of Ptolemy. Translated from the Language of the Magi and that of the Hieroglyphs by the Doctors Mizzaboula-Jabamia, Danhuzerus, Nehmahmiah, Judahim, and Eliaeb. Rendered into French by A. J. S. D. R. L. G. F." After such a graniose title it claims to have been pubished in Egypt in 740 which really means Rome in 1740. Then again it may have been written in the mid-nineteenth century. It has a bit of story to it, with the main persona, a soldier, travelling to Egypt, captured by the Old Man of the Pyramid, and taught many magical secrets.
THE BLACK PULLET or The Hen with the Golden Eggs, comprising the Science of Magical Talismans and Rings; the Art of Necromancy and of the Kabbalah, for Conjuration of the Aerial and Infernal Spirits, of Sylphs, Undines, and Gnomes; for the acquisition of the Secret Sciences, for the Discovery of Treasures, for obtaining power to command all beings, and to unmask all Sciences and Bewitchments.
Translated from the Language of the Sages and that of the Hieroglyphs by the Doctors Mizzaboula Jabamia, Danhuzerus, Nehmahmiah, Judahim, and Eliaeb
Rendered into French by A.J.S.D.R.L.G.F. Translated into English by Gryffon Turner.  Edited by Darcy Kuntz
This is a unique opportunity to obtain a New issue of this Very Obscure Occult treatise. Recommended for the Adept or Serious student of Occult Sciences. 
from the writer: "...With this work one never fears poverty. Everything is yours; I am reaching the end of my career, and I shall be happy to leave these earthly treasures in your possession. -this fortune is not the result of greed, but is, rather, a by product of my studies of certain Occult Sciences. My true treasure, the great boon which has been granted to me by the Divine Being, is to penetrate the secrets of Nature. I can command the Powers that populate the Earth and Space that are not visible to ordinary men.
-The Science of the Magicians and the language of the hieroglyphics which holds some of its many keys, have been lost over the centuries by the downfall of man. I am the guardian. I will impart precious confidences to you, and together we will read the characters traced on the pyramids which have been the despair of scholars and before which they have paled for many centuries..."
Publisher: Holmes   Pages: 47

The Book of Death

A volume in which the Devil, during the Sabbat, listed the names of the participants.

The Book of Enoch the Prophet

A "lost book" which was discovered in Ethiopia in 1773 by Scottish explorer James Bruce. Written in the First of second century B. C., the book was a very influential source for early Jewish and Christian thinkers. Several familiar themes, such as the introduction of evil into the world by "fallen angels," the Messianic age, the New Jerusalem, The Resurrection and the Final Judgement were all first written here.   Translated from the original Ethiopian Coptic script, it is a rare and important resource that was suppressed by the early church and thought destroyed.

Comment réssusciter une personne morte

Bringing the dead to life.

A copy of this work exists in the Miskatonic University On Line Library


Errores Haereticorum

A medieval treatise of Magick

Experimentum Invisitilibatis. 

A treastise on becoming invisible
Experimentum Invisitilibatis. 

f. 55v, Ad Idem. f. 56r, Ut psiritus apareat. f. 56v, Experimentum Ymaginis Tremendum et miravile <pro amore>. f. 57r, Die jouis vel veneris luna in ariete uel leone uel sagittario .... folllowed by exorcisms/adjurations. f. 58 Postea accipias oleum olive et dic super istum Exorciso et adiurato te oleum olive... f. 58r Postea dicas hanc orationes uper ceram. Venus aster Astropolym..... f. Postea forma imagine dicendo Ego B. F. D. formo imagines I. f. A. quam here d-? sidero in nomine istorum spiritum Natabor Vigilator.... f. 63v. COniuro et adiuro vos spiritus et angelos satane... f. 67 Si vis futura praescire Accipe puerum uirtine et fact Circulum istet puer in medio circuli et havea anulus in medio digitorm suorum...... [for a magic ring] f. 67 Sigils of the planets and signs of the zodiac. f. 68 nomina angelorum signorum et primo Arietis Vrilidan berichet mansbean ymasrelyan. f. 68v, Adcognoscendum futura. Scribe nomina intt~ in carea virginea et dicas Deus omnipotens [with figure]. f. 69r, Experimenti Baconis qui post qualibet diet vel hora qui volueris de die vel de nocte sive solus sive associatus.... [this is for a spirit called Bacon, not the philosopher - with figure on f. 72v]. f. 73, Experimentum pro sciendo futura. Imprimis oported quod operator accipiat.... [prayers to the angels of the moon and the sun (rogo vos et exorcizo per nomen Dei.... mihi obedieret mihi aparere in forma humana ...)] [ terrible crude figure f. 74v] f. visio personaliter/um? in vitro? primo accipiunt uitrum mundum et implent' aqua clarifontis et ponat' [follwed by demonic invocations]. f. 77 [a note about angels] Cum marie leuaueris habeas in mente tua Micaelem et Iapum? die habebis Babrielem et nihil tibi nocebit...


For the Invocation of Spirits

For the Invocation of Spirits 


'Includes 'Instructions of Ptolomye,' for the invocation of spirits and what seems to be instructions for talismans at f 32 and 32-3. Also 'The causes of the mother with the remedies' p. 31. Help for bewitchment or one that is forespoken p. 26.'

Liber experimentorum Johannis Trithemius

Liber experimentorum Johannis Trithemius

Johannis Trithemius

Liber experimentorum Johannis Trithemius. A book of experiments, mostly entirely innocent -just concoctions of one form or another - but some including explicitly ritual magic of one form or another. The goals are the standard ones: treasure, influencing men and women, sex, stolen goods, etc.

Liber Pentaculorum


Liber Spirituum

The Book of Spirits


The Sandskrit magic manual translated into Persian, and, in 1802, into Latin

Picatrix  . 

Picatrix (Opus dignissimus Sapientissimi Picatricis Philosophi Arabici maximi in scientia Mathematicorum)

This ms was assembled from two books. This is from the second part and employs it's foliation. Pingree's Class III MS E.


Picatrix, 19 May 1509

'Picatrix. Colophon reads 'Deo gracias. Laus deo Pax vivis Requiem eternam defunctis. Amen. Annon domini 1509. 19 mey completus.'


Red Book of Appin


The Sage of the Pyramids


The Secret Grimoire of Turiel

Being a System of Ceremonial Magic of the Sixteenth Century
Marius Malchus
This is a unique opportunity to obtain a New issue of this Very Obscure Occult Treatise. Recommended for the Adept or Serious Student of Occult Sciences.
     from the editor     ...the original dated 1518, written in Latin, and a copy written in English, a translation from the original. The original copy was in fragments, almost worn away, but the copy was intact.
     I told the guide the original was not worth taking, but I would buy the cross and the copy. He agreed to this, and thus I became the possessor of the Grimoire. Since 1927 I have rewritten the manuscript owing to the fact that I was on the move so often, and for the sake of convenience the new writing was entered into a notebook of convenient size, and the copy purchased in Las Palmas I destroyed. I have reason to believe that the present manuscript is the only one in existence. In publishing same I feel sure that it will appeal to all students of occultism as an additional item of interest.
     "It has much to commend it. Though small in volume it is a complete system of Ceremonial Magic."
     The former owner admitted that he had made use of the formula contained therein. For his experiments in the Art he, a former priest, had been defrocked . This he said was the reason why the two priests in the Cathedral had not acknowledged his smile. -MARIUS MALCHUS -Westminster, 1954.
     Publisher: Holmes     Pages: 42


Hebrew manual of magic


The ancient Mexican Book of Fate, containing magic rituals and formulas


Theancient and obscure Chinese text on mysticism, attributed to fourth millenium B.C.


A seventeenth century grimoire, gives directions for incantations, spells, and conjurations.

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