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Witchcraft, Magic, & Alchemy

A donation by a private collector in rural New York State, "Witchcraft Magic & Alchemy" by Grillot De Givry, translated by J. Courtenay Locke. 

There are 10 plates in color and 366 illustrations in the text. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company 1931. Printed in Great Britain at The Ballantyne Press by Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co., Ltd, Colchester, London & Eton. The hardcover is 9"wide x 11 1/2"high x 1 1/2"thick and is cloth covered in black with gold lettering on the cover and spine. The book has shelf wear and the cover is pulling away from the book at the flyleaf. The pages and illustrations are in good condition. The artwork is superb!

The list of illustrations in colour:  The Hermetic Androgyne, The Good Confession and the Bad Confession, Six Pentacles to Influence Good Spirits Favourably, The Demons Ashtaroth, Abaddon, and Mammon, Title-Page of "La Tres Sainte Trinosophie", Old Tarots, The Hanged Man, The Magic Mirror, Symbolism of the Operations of the Philosopher's Stone: The Alchemic Sublimation, Symbolism of the Operations of the Philosopher's Stone: The Three Colours of the Work.

The contents of the book, which is divided into three parts is as follows:
     Book 1 SORCERERS
     Book 2 MAGICIANS
     Book3 ALCHEMISTS.

There are 395 pages. The preface of the book gives an idea of the huge amount of information contained in the book: "This book needs no explanatory introduction. Enough will be done in this way by pointing out that no work of the sort has hitherto been attempted - a fact which at first sight may well seem incredible. My own work will therefore find its justification in the need for filling a gap and in the eager curiosity which it should not fail to excite. The secret sciences held a large place in the social life of times past. The documentary treasure, moreover, which they have left behind them is immense: but the curse enshrouding them has contributed in great measure to preventing the diffusion of this........"


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