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Sixth Book of Moses or 

As a tenth century guide to magic formulas and prescriptions. Oddly this was published in London, 1896 by Dr. Moses Gaster.

A copy of this work exists in the Miskatonic University On Line Library


Sword of Moses

A copy of this work exists in the Miskatonic University On Line Library
SEPHER REZIAL HEMELAK (The Book of the Angel Rezial) ; this RARE 19th century edition was printed in Yozefof in 1873,  it is a tall hardback with a GORGEOUS recent Fine binding, leather spine (rich Harmatan goat) on marbled boards, THE TEXT IS COMPLETELY IN HEBREW , with lovely decorative border on title page, there are a few tiny wormholes,  also four pages are trimmed at bottom (which does not affect the text at all), otherwise an unusually Nice copy, extremely attractive, tight recent binding, one full page plate plus several diagrams of ancient Hebrew talismans. 

This is the famous magical Hebrew grimoire text, sometime called The Sefer Razial or Raziel,  and according to Hebrew legend, the Sepher Raziel was presented to Adam in the Garden of Eden, given by the hand of God and delivered by the angel Rezial. The myth suggests that this is the first book ever written, and of direct divine provenance. A diverse compendium of ancient Hebrew magical lore, this book was quite possibly the original source for later, traditional literature on angelic hierarchy, astrology, Qabalah and Gematria. Moses Gaster mentions this in his introduction to the Sword of Moses (1896) suggesting that the Sepher Rezial could be a primary source for many magic and qabalistic books of the Middle Ages. Sepher Rezial Hemelach is a compilation of five books, being The Book of the Vestment, The Book of the Great Rezial, The Holy Names, The Book of the Mysteries (Sepher HaRazim), and The Book of the Signs of the Zodiac. It includes extensive explanatory text on the holy names of God, the divisions of Heaven and Hell, the names and hierarchy of the angels and spirits, as well as symbolic intepretations of both the Book of Genesis and Sepher Yetzirah. It also includes material on astronomy, astrology, Gematria and various magical talismans, most notably those used for protection during childbirth.

Of interest to students of the occult, kabbalah ( qabala - qabalah ) and ritual magic, also the works of Arthur Edward Waite, Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley.

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