Cultes des Goules

Comte D'erlette, the author of Cultes des Goules, is a twist on August Derleth. As Lovecraft is reported telling Willis Conover in LOVECRAFT AT LAST: "Comte d'Erlette's Cultes des Goules? An invention of Bloch's. The name Comte d'Erlette, however, represents an actual (and harmless) ancestor of August W. Derleth's, who was a royalist emigre from France in 1792 and bacame naturalised in Germany under the slightly Teutonised name of Derleth. His son, emigrating to Wisconsin in 1835, was the found of the Derleth line in America."

[The Haunter of the Dark - H.P.L.]
[The Shadow Out of Time - H.P.L.]