(also: doels) Enormous creatures from the Pnoth valley on the Isle of Oriab in the Southern Sea who crawl and burrow among mountains of bones. They make a rustling sound and are slimy to the touch when they wriggle past someone. Because they are nocturnal, they have never been clearly seen. They exist in Dreamworld and Yaddith, where they are a constant problem. Their existance seems to have come via Arthur Belknap Long from Athur Machen's story "The White People." Or from Dunsany's "The Book of Wonder" where 'Gnoles' are things which live in the forest and from whom it is not well to steal. They have also appeared as "doels."

("Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath," "Through the Gates of the Silver Key," "Whisperer in Darkness")

See also: doels