(god) The name invoked repeatedly by Juan Romero shortly before his mysterious death. He was the son of Coalticue, a goddess who live on the "serpent mountain." Her name means "serpent-petticoated." Before his birth his 400 brothers and sister conspired to kill Coalticue but Huitzilopochtli was born fully armored and slaughtered his siblings. He is the young sun god of the Aztecs, their war god and chief god, who guided the Aztecs in their wanderings. He was, like many Aztec gods, a magician ("necromanticos y hechiceros") and the missionary of the 'Aztec vocation.' His symbol is the serpent. In the (PR), he is referred to in much the manner as Shub-Niggurath, preceeded by the word: "Iä!" Arthur Feldon warned that this god was coming back to claim his world. The narrator invoked him with the following: "in my soul echoes thy thunder."

("The Transition of Juan Romero") ([P.Rev.] "The Electric Executioner")