Pnakotic Manuscripts

The fragmentary Pnakotic Manuscripts come from distant and frozen Lomar.

From "At the Mountains of Madness": "A few daring mystics have hinted at a pre-Pleistocene origin for the fragmentary Pnakotic Manuscripts, and have suggested that the devotees of Tsathoggua were an alien to mankind as Tsathoggua itself."

From a letter to Richard F. Searight, February 13, 1936 HPL states that: "Exact data regarding the Pnakotic Manuscripts are lacking. They were brought down from Hyperborea by a secret cult (allied to that which preserved the Book of Eibon), & are in the secret Hyperborean language, but there is a rumour that they are a translation of something hellishly older-brought from the land of Lomar & of fabulous antiquity even there. That they antedate the human race is freely whispered. Curious parallelisms betwixt them & the Eltdown Shards have been pointed out - as if both were remote derivitives of some immeasurably anterior source, on this or some other planet.

From THE OTHER GODS: "No man had scaled to the home of earth's god since the time of Sansu, who is written of with fright in the moldy Pnakotic Manuscripts. Now it is told in the moldy Pnakotic Manuscripts that Sansu found naught but wordless ice and rock when he did climb Hatheg-Kla in the youth of the world. Yet when the men of Ulthar and Nir and Hatheg... scaled that haunted steep by day in search of Barzai the Wise, they found graven in the naked stone of the summit a curious and cyclopean symbol... like to one that learned men have discerned in those frightful parts of the Pnakotic Manuscripts which were too ancient to be read."

From letter to E. Hoffmann Price, Dec. 20, 1932: "The Pnakotic Manuscripts mention the subterrene gulf of 'Zim', but all scholars from de Galimatias and Zu Dumkopf onward have agreed that this is really a reference to the Vaults of 'Zin', so well known to all students of Alhazred and von Junzt."

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