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. Author:  GESNER, Conrad.

Title: De Remediis Secretis, Liber Physicus, Medicus, & partim etiam Chymicus, & Oeconomicus in
Vinorum diversi Saporis Apparatu, Medicis & Pharmacopolis omnibus præcipuè necessarius, nunc
primùm in lucem editus.

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Reference No:   MU-RBL00044

Book Description

Zurich, Christopher Froschauer, [1569].
WITH: GESNER, Conrad. De Remediis Secretis, pars secunda: nunc primum opera & studio Caspari
Wolphii ... in lucem editus.
(colophon: Zurich, Christopher Froschauer, 1569). 8vo. 2 parts in 1 volume. With Froschauer's
woodcut device on both title-pages; 87 small woodcuts in the text; 9 decorative woodcut initial
letters (plus 3 repeats) from three series; roman and italic type with an occasional word of
Greek; and fleurons. Contemporary vellum.

Adams G-529 & 530 (lacking 16 leaves); Wellcome 2785; Wellisch, A 32.8 & B 2.2.
The most complete edition of a classic "book of secrets," a collection of recipes for medicines
and wine-making, primarily devoted to the distillation of essences from plants, fruits, minerals,
etc., the first edition to include both volumes and Wolf's twenty-page appendix. It discusses the
materials from which essences were to be distilled and their uses, as well as the techniques
involved, and describes and illustrates the remarkably wide variety of glassware, furnaces and
other equipment used for distillation.
In very good condition. A thoroughly illustrated classic of medicinal distillation and wine-

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