With the Band

by Robert W. Chambers

SEZ Corporal Madden to Private McFadden:
    釘edad, yer a bad 置n!
    Now turn out yer toes!
    Yer belt is unhookit,
    Yer cap is on crookit,                                      5
    Ye may not be dhrunk,
    But, be jabers, ye look it!
Ye monkey-faced divil, I 値l jolly ye through!        10
        Time! Mark!
Ye march like the aigle in Cintheral Parrk!

Sez Corporal Madden to Private McFadden:
    鄭 saint it ud sadden                                       15
    To dhrill such a mug!
    Eyes front!遥e baboon, ye!
    Chin up!遥e gossoon, ye!
    Ye 致e jaws like a goat
    Halt! ye leather-lipped loon, ye!                       20
Ye whiskered orang-outang, I 値l fix you!
        Time! Mark!                                              25
Ye 致e eyes like a bat!幼an ye see in the dark?

Sez Corporal Madden to Private McFadden:
    添er figger wants padd地苧
    Sure, man, ye 致e no shape!
    Behind ye yer shoulders                                  30
    Stick out like two bowlders;
    Yer shins is as thin
    As a pair of pen-holders!
        Wan葉wo!                                                35
Yer belly belongs on yer back, ye Jew!
        Time! Mark!
I 知 dhry as a dog悠 can稚 shpake but I bark!

Sez Corporal Madden to Private McFadden:         40
    溺e heart it ud gladden
    To blacken yer eye.
    Ye 池e gettin too bold, ye
    Compel me to scold ye,
    探 is halt! that I say,                                    45
    Will ye heed what I told ye?
Be Jabers, I 知 dhryer than Brian Boru!
        Wan葉wo!                                             50
        Time! Mark!
What 痴 wur-ruk for chickens is sport for the lark!

Sez Corporal Madden to Private McFadden:
    的 値l not stay a gadd地
    Wid dagoes like you!                                       55
    I 値l travel no farther,
    I 知 dyin for謡ather;
    Come on, if ye like,
    Can ye loan me a quather?
        Ya-as, you,                                                60
And ye 値l pay the potheen? Ye 池e a daisy! Whurroo!
        You 値l do!
        Whist! Mark!
The Rigiment痴 flatthered to own ye, me spark!   65

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