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Lovecraft Film Lists

Part One: 1950 - 1970.

Part Two: 1971 - 1980.

Part Three: 1981 - 1990.

Part Four: 1991 - 2000.

Part Five: 2001 - 

Questionable Inclusions.

from The Arkham Advertiser, volume 1, issue 3.


PART THREE: 1981 - 1990


Artemis 81 1981
UK/Denmark (BBC-TV) 1981, C-185 minutes

Director: Alastair Reid; Script: David Rudkin

Cast:  Siv Borg (Pastor's wife),  Sylvia Coleridge (Gorgon scholar),  Roland Curram (Asrael), Daniel Day-Lewis (Exhibitioner), Sevilla Delofski (Magog), Cornelius Garrett (Pastor), Dan O'Herlihy (Von Drachenfels), Hywel Bennett, Dinah Stabb, Sting, Anthony Steel, Ingrid Pitt

This television movie, set in the future, has definite Lovecraftian overtones.  A pagan statue from a Danish museum is stolen, bringing death to those who come into contact with it: meanwhile, Von Drachenfels, an old musician, is terrified that a curse upon him will cause the devastation of the Earth.  Unfortunately, this promising narrative soon becomes confused, thanks to pretentious dreamlike sequences and a sub-plot involving a race of replacement humans hidden beneath the hills of Britain.  At three hours, too long.

SYNOPSIS: Paranormal novelist Gideon Harlax is drawn into a battle between the forces of good, represented by alien angel Helith, and the forces of evil, represented by Helith's evil brother Asrael.  Ranging from Oxford to Denmark, a North Sea ferry to an alien planet, Harlax unwittingly becomes part of an ancient plot that may result in the destruction of Earth... 

7 Doors of Death 1981
Italy/USA (Fulvia Film) 1981, (Language: Italian) C-82(It)/87(USA) minutes

[Original title: E TU VIVRAL NEL TERRORE!...L'Aldila: U.K. title: THE BEYOND] 
Also Known As:
Aldilà, L' (1981)
And You Will Live in Terror: The Afterlife (1981)
Beyond, The (1981)
Seven Doors of Death (1981)

Director: "Louis Fuller" Lucio Fulci; Producer: Fabrizio De Angelis; Script: Lucio Fulci, Giorgio Mariuzzo, Dardano Sacchetti, story by Dardano Sacchetti; Music: Fabio Frizzi 

Cast: Catriona MacColl (Liza Merril) (as Katherine MacColl), David Warbeck (Dr. John McCabe), Cinzia Monreale (Emily} (as Sarah Keller), Antoine Saint-John (Schweick), Veronica Lazar (Martha)


Fulci's movies generally contain references to Lovecraft. Here he uses the non-Lovecraftian but Mythos "Book of Eibon."  It shows up in an incoherent story involving evil zombies from the netherworld returning to life when one of the seven gateways to Hell is opened in New Orleans.  This gruesome thriller has a promising start, but quickly dissolves into "banal dialogue, terrible dubbing, and an army of flesh-tearing zombies."

SYNOPSIS: The cellar of an old hotel is built on top of the door to the beyond.  Bloody zombies roam there.  A young woman who inherits the hotel wants to restore it.  She is confronted with strange events: a painter has a lethal fall, the plumber vanishes, and her friend breaks his neck.  When she escapes to the hospital of a friendly doctor, she doesn't know what a nightmare is waiting there...  IMDB Summary written by Matthias Luehr {mluehr@htwm.de}

IMDB COMMENT: GradeZ, Rockville, Maryland, USA
Fulci's masterpiece is by far one of the best Italian gore flicks of the eighties.  This is a truly remarkable film, boasting superb cinematography and excellent gore effects. Fulci captures the eerie atmosphere and dark visions of hell in a horrifying climax that has never quite been matched by any other filmmaker. If possible, see this in it's original uncut and letterboxed state, it is absolutely one of the most beautifully visual horror films ever made. The haunting score is an excellent example of Fabio Fabrizzi's finer musical works. This is the best of Fulci's three great horror films (the others being The House by the Cemetary and The Gates of Hell) which all, coincidentally starred MacColl.


The Gates of Hell
Paura nella città dei morti viventi
Italy, 1983, (Language: Italian) C-90 minutes

Also Known As:
City of the Living Dead (1980)
Fear in the City of the Living Dead (1980)
Fear, The (1980/II)
Gates of Hell, The (1981) (USA)
Pater Thomas (1980) (Europe: bootleg title)
Twilight of the Dead (1980) 

Director: "Louis Fuller" Lucio Fulci; Producer: Giovanni Masini, Robert E. Warner (exec producer USA); Script: Lucio Fulci, Dardano Sacchetti; Music: Fabio Frizzi 

Cast: Christopher George (Peter Bell), Catriona MacColl (Mary Woodhouse) (as Katriona MacColl), Carlo De Mejo (Gerry), Antonella Interlenghi (Emily Robbins), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Bob), Daniela Doria (Rose Kelvin), Fabrizio Jovine (Father William Thomas) 

Extremely gory flick about a suicidal priest and homicidal zombies.  The Lovecraft connection is that it is set in Dunwich, Massachusetts.

SYNOPSIS: In the small New England town of Dunwich, a priest commits suicide by hanging himself in the church cemetary which somehow opens the gates of hell allowing the dead to rise. Peter, a New York City reporter, teams up with a young psychic, named Mary, to travel to the town where they team up with another couple, psychiatrist Jerry and patient Sandra, to find a way to close the gates before All Saints Day or the dead all over the world will rise up and kill the living. - Matthew Patay (pataygs@voicenet.com}


House by the Cemetery 1981

Director: Lucio Fulci

Another Fulci flick with a Mythos theme. This one is sort of a sinister twist on 'Cold Air', only the scientist need fresh body parts to rejuvinate his tissues. It's plenty gory and surreal like most of Fulci's horror flicks!!!
The Thing 1982
USA, 1982, C-109, Technicolor / Dolby, Language: English /  Norwegian, Complete title: John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) Certification: Australia:MA / Australia:R (original certificate) / Finland:K-18 / France:-12 / Hong Kong:III / Ireland:18 / Norway:18 / Sweden:15 / UK:18 / USA:R / West Germany:18

Director: John Carpenter; Writer: John W. Campbell Jr. (story), Bill Lancaster

Cast: Kurt Russell (R.J. MacReady), Wilford Brimley (Dr. Blair), T.K. Carter (Nauls), David Clennon (Palmer), Keith David (Childs), Richard A. Dysart (Dr. Copper), Charles Hallahan (Norris), Peter Maloney (Bennings), Richard Masur (Clark), Donald Moffat (Garry)

An American scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic is interrupted by a group of seemingly mad Norwegians pursuing and shooting a dog. The helicopter pursuing the dog crashes leaving no explanation for the chase. During the night, the dog mutates and attacks other dogs in the cage and members of the team that investigate. The team soon realises that an alien life-form with the ability to take over other bodies is on the loose and they don't know who may already have been taken over. - Summary written by Goth {brooks@odie.ee.wits.ac.za}
The Evil Dead 1983
(1983)  C-85 minutes 

Also Known As:
Book of the Dead (1981) (USA: première title)
Evil Dead, the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror, The (1982) (closing credits title)
Into the Woods (1979) (USA: working title) 

Director /script: Sam Raimi; Producer: Robert Tapert; Music: Joseph LoDuca

Cast: Bruce Campbell (Ashley J. "Ash" Williams), Ellen Sandweiss (Cheryl), Betsy Baker (Linda), Hal Delrich (Scotty), Sarah York (Shelly)


Sam Raimi, in his directing debut, looks to capture some of the eerie backwoods feeling HPL could create in words.  It is a copy of the Necronomicon which sets off this zombie movie (zombies seem to be one of the elements of horror Lovecraft never really touched on).  The alternate title is "Book of the Dead," which Lovecraft claims is a translation of "Necronomicon."

"Tom Sullivan, well-known as an artist for the “Call of Cthulhu” roleplaying game, created the special make-up effects for the film, as well as the copy of the Necronomicon."

SYNOPSIS: Five friends go to a cabin in the woods for a vacation. They discover The Book of the Dead and a tape recorder belonging to a professor, who also owns the cabin. One of them plays back what is recorded on the tape-- which just happens to be Candarian resurrection passages translated from the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) by the professor, which unleashes an evil force from the woods. The people start turning into evil deadites, and the others soon learn from the tape that the only way to kill a person who is turned into a deadite is by total body dismemberment. People are dying left and right; one girl early in the film looses control and runs off into the woods, only to be raped and killed by the trees. - Summary by Ash


Gramma 1983
20. The Twilight Zone: USA (CBS-TV) 1985.

Director: Bradford May;  Script: Harlan Ellison

Cast:  Barrett Oliver, Darlanne Fluegel, Fredrick Long

"A young boy (Oliver) is left along with his horrible grandmother, who is a witch. Lovecratian references include the Necornomicon and varous Mythos names invoked as part of the old woman's spells."

Harlan Ellison adapted the Stephen King story for this 19 minutes episode of The Twilight Zone.  It was originally to be directed by William Friedkin.  When Friedkin had to bow out, cinematographer Bradford May stepped in as director. 

Re-Animator 1985
USA (Re-animator Productions / Empire Pictures) (Language: English / German)Color (DeLuxe) 1985/1986.  86  / USA:95 (unrated version) minutes 

Director. Stuart Gordon; Producer: Brian Yuzna;  Script. Dennis Paoli, William J. Norris, Stuart Gordon based on Herbert West: Reanimator; Music: Richard Band

Cast: Jeffrey Combs (Herbert West), Bruce Abbott (Dan Cain), Barbara Crampton (Megan Halsey), David Gale (Dr. Carl Hill), Robert Sampson (Dean Alan Halsey), Gerry Black (Mace, Miskatonic Security Guard), Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (Dr. Harrod)

Well, it's still not the great Lovecraft adaptation but it is funny as hell (literally).  This gory tongue-in-cheek horror romp would have been a hit with or without the Lovecraft name. 

"H.P. Lovecraft finally got his name above the title in this wild, outrageous low budget horror/comedy loosely based on ... Released unrated in America because of the gore, and one fo the best scenes cut by the UK censor. Still, Gordon directs with a nice sense of manic fun, and although the film is hardly Lovecraftian in tone, it made enough money at the box office to create a mini Lovecraft boom during the late Eighties." "This movie is so gross it crosses the line (quite intentionally) into humor, although never at the expense of the story. What the bad guy, who is reduced to carrying his head around under his arm, almost does to the heroine at the end it not to be missed, and the entire final sequence it Grand Guignol unequalled even by Romero. "Though a wonderful exercise in Grand Guignol it is not as much a Lovecraft picture as a spoof of horror."

SYNOPSIS: In this H.P. Lovecraft tale, Herbert West is a Swiss scientist who has discovered a fluid which brings living tissue back to life. After the suspicious death of his professor in Switzerland, West moves to Miskatonic University to continue his research. He involves fellow student Dan Cain and his fiancée Megan Halsey in his research by experimenting on their dead cat. Dan, fascinated by West's research, agrees to smuggle him into the hospital morgue with predictable results.  - Goth {brooks@odie.ee.wits.ac.za}


From Beyond 1986
USA/Italy (Taryn Productions / Empire Pictures) 1986.  85 minutes

Exec Producer: Charles Band, Bruce William Curtis;  Director: Stuart Gordon; Producer: Brian Yuzna; Script: Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna; Music: Richard Band

Cast:  Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorrel, Ken Foree, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon.

Complete credited cast:  Jeffrey Combs (Crawford Tillinghast), Barbara Crampton (Dr. Katherine McMichaels), Ken Foree (Leroy 'Bubba' Brown), Ted Sorel (Dr. Edward Pretorius), Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (Dr. Bloch), Bunny Summers (Neighbor Lady), Bruce McGuire (Jordan Fields), Regina Bleesz (Bondage Girl)


One of the few movies that are reasonably faithful to Lovecraft - if you overlook the erotic aspects.

"Very loosely based on one of Lovecraft's lesser tales, this attempt by the same director, writer, and stars of Re-animator to out-gross the success of that earlier film falls because of its B movie mentality."

"Another Graphic horror film from the Re-animator people. Sorel plays a scientist whose experiments with a dormant sensory organ in the human brain lead to monstrous being from another dimension invading ours. Fast-paced, with generous amounts of scares and humor."

SYNOPSIS: Doctor Pretorius and his colleague work on a sensational experiment: by means of stimulation of the pineal gland they want to open mind for higher dimensions. When the experiment succeeds, they are immediately attacked by terrible life forms, who seem to be floating around us all the time. When Pretorius is killed by one of them, Dr. Tillinghast is under suspect and thrown into psychatry due to his stories. Only the ambitious psychologist Dr. McMichaels believes him and wants to continue the experiment. - Tom Zoerner {Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de}

SYNOPSIS 2: Crawford Tillinghast activates a device designed to stimulates the pineal gland with resonant vibrations. It allows him to see creatures that exist in another dimension - but the creatures turn and bite off the head of his superior Edward Pretorious. Tillinghast is placed in an asylum. Psychiatrist Katharine MacMichaels is sent to see if Tillinghast is sane enough to stand trial for Pretorious’s murder. Impressed by his patient rationality, she has him released into her care and they return to the house to set the experiment up again. Only this time they succeed in unleashing the creatures from beyond with nightmarish results.


The Collect CALL OF CaTHULHU 1986
The Real Ghostbusters - Japan/USA (Columbia Pictures Television)  1986.

Voices: Arsenio Hall, Maurice La Marche, Lorenzo Music, Laura Summer, Frank Welker.

Perhaps the oddest entry in this HPL filmography. This episode of the popular children's TV cartoon series, based on the blockbuster moview, has the ghostbusters visiting Arkham on the trail of a stolen copy of the Necronomicon.

Writer Michael Reaves:  "I wrote "The Collect Call Of Cthulhu" in 1986 for the animated TV series The Real Ghostbusters. Those familiar with the works of H.P. Lovecraft will recognize it as a parody of his story "The Call Of Cthulhu", written in 1928 for Weird Tales Magazine. The episode is a tongue-in-cheek collision between the Ghostbusters team and Lovecraft's famous "Cthulhu Mythos". What aired is pretty much what I wrote, save for some character beats that were cut for time. (Aficionados of the genre will recognize references to Lovecraft Circle members Clark Ashton Smith, August Derelith and Robert E. Howard, as well as more contemporary Mythos writers Karl Edward Wagner and T.E.D. Klein -- the latter sent me a note asking if I could guarantee him tenure at Miskatonic University.)"

Read the script: http://www.mindspring.com/~michaelreaves/callpreface.htm

Russian About 19866.
The Real Ghostbusters - Japan/USA (Columbia Pictures Television)  1986. 

Scr: J. Michael Straczynski.

Voices: Arsenio Hall, Maurice La Marche, Lorenzo Music, Laura Summer, Frank Welker.

Besides the pun (they are "Rushing About"), this episode is perhaps most interesting for the writer: J. Michael Straczynski, who is the creator of "Babylon 5".

Peter: "*Whew* Why on earth would anyone make all these four foot high terraces?"
Egon: "They're not terraces, Peter. They're steps..."

COMMENT From: (ez041349@JUDY.UCDAVIS.EDU): The story takes the Ghostbusters to Russia for some lecture (during which a scientist claims that the Titanic really crashed because it ran into Elvis). The GBs eventually are called to action when a book (can't remember what it was called, but it was obviously supposed to be the Necronomicon) is stolen. The book is eventually used by a cult (again) to summon one (or several, I can't remember) of the Old Ones. The Old One(s) start emerging from a deep pit, but the GBs set their packs on overload and blow them up.

Forever Evil 1987
United (1987) C-107 minutes

Director: Roger Evans; Producer: Jill Clark, Hal Payne; Script: Freeman Williams; Music: Marianne Pendino, Rod Slane

Cast: Red Mitchell (Marc), Tracey Huffman (Reggie), Charles L. Trotter (Leo), Diane Johnson (Holly), Howard Jacobsen (Nash), Kent H. Johnson (Zombie), Susan Lunt (Julie), Jeffrey Lane (Jay)

"In this horribly amateurish film, a cult that worships “Yog Kothag” kills several people and is then tracked down by the sole survivor of the massacre. There are references to the Necronomicon, the “Lost Gods,” and The Gate and the Key by C.D. Ward."

SYNOPSIS: One night at a cabin retreat, Marc Denning became the sole survivor of a bloody massacre which claimed the lives of his lover, his brother, and three friends. Shortly after the murders, he begins to look for answers that will explain the slaughter, and soon he uncovers a plot by a mysterious and supernatural cult which for many years has been responsible for a series of periodic ritual murders. Their aim is to bring about the return of "Yog Kothag", an ancient god who was so evil that he was banished from Earth centuries ago.  - Patrick D. Rockwell (prockwell@thegrid.net}

COMMENT: mdb451, Okla. City
Why did I like this movie?  This movie has bad everything. Bad acting(by actors I have never seen before),laughable special effects,awful writing.The only thing good I can say is that it was consistent.Bad! So why did I get into the story so much? Why do I keep renting it? Go figure...

Evil Dead II 1987
USA (Rosebud Releasing Corp.) 1987, 85 minutes

Director: Sam Raimi

Cast: Bruce Campbell (Ash), Sarah Berry (Annie Knowby), Dan Hicks (Jake), Kassie Wesley (Bobby Joe), Theodore Raimi (Possessed Henrietta), Denise Bixler (Linda), Richard Domeier (Ed Getley)

"Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell return in what seems to be more a re-make of, than a sequel to, The Evil Dead. Fans seem to enjoy this film ever so slightly more than its predecessor. "
Pulse Pounders 1987/88.
USA (Empire Pictures) 1987/88 

Producer / Director: Charles Band; Script. Dennis Paoli. 

Cast:  Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs, David Gale, Una Brandon-Jones, David Warner.

An attempt to put a trio of Empire's biggest hits into one film. The Trancer's episode was expanded into an entertaining, full length film. The HPL adaptation remains in limbo.
Testament of Randolph Carter 1987.
USA (The HP Lovecraft Historical Society/The Colorado College)  circa 1987.

Director / script: Andrew Leman;  Producer: Andrew Leman, Philip Bell; Music: Justin Miller

Cast: Darrell Tyler (Randolph Carter, Sean Branney (Prof. Harley Warren), Phil Bell, Judy Ruha, William Mark Hulings, Joseph Reorda.

Hour-long amateur adaptation of HPL's The Statement of Randolph Carter.

The Testimony of Randolph Carter is based on Lovecraft's "The Statement of Randolph Carter," with some additional story material lifted from other Carter tales, especially "Through the Gates of the Silver Key." The film was shot on VHS using home equipment in 1987.  It was filmed at various locations throughout Colorado. Part of the budget came from The Colorado College Award in Literature, a grant to fund independent educational projects. 

The film begins with Randolph Carter on a witness stand in a non-realistic courtroom of some kind. (Is it a trial? Is it the manifestation of a guilty conscience? Or is it just a low-budget production?) Whatever it is, Carter begins to tell the story of what happened to him and his friend Harley Warren. Under the interrogation of two attorneys, the story shifts into flashback mode.

Harley Warren receives a mysterious but important book, which he is unwilling to let Carter examine. Their friendship is strained as Warren becomes increasingly obsessed and secretive about his studies. But Carter stands by his friend, despite a number of disturbing nightmares. Late one night, when Warren has fallen asleep at his desk, Carter finally gets a chance to look at the forbidden book, and it is nothing like he expects. It contains writing that no human should be able to read....

Finally, Warren asks Carter for help in completing his research, and Carter agrees to accompany him to an ancient graveyard. There they find a tomb sealed with an Elder Sign, and open it. Warren takes some field telephone gear and descends into the crypt, leaving Carter alone on the surface.

The story then shifts back to the "courtroom," where Carter breaks down from the nervous strain of remembering what happened next. His lawyer, like Warren himself, persists in seeking forbidden knowledge, as the court stenographer takes it all down. The judge compels Carter to answer the lawyer's questions, and for Lovecraft's classic ending the story returns to the graveyard.


The Curse 1987.
(Trans World Entertainment) 1987.  C-92 minutes 

Also Known As:
Farm, The (1987)
Well, The (1987) (USA: original script title) 

Director: David Keith; Producer: Ovidio G. Assonitis; Script: David Chaskin; Music: Franco Micalizzi 

Cast: Wil Wheaton (Zachary Hayes), Claude Akins (Nathan Hayes), Malcolm Danare (Cyrus), Cooper Huckabee (Doctor Alan Forbes), John Schneider (Carl Willis), Amy Wheaton (Alice Hayes), Malcolm Danare (Cyrus)


SYNOPSIS: In this second adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's story "The Colour out of Space," a huge, glowing meteorite falls on a farm in Tellico Plains, Tennesse. After the meteorite melts into the soil, strange mutations occur on the farm. The fruit and livestock become filled with maggots, cabbage and chickens become filled with green slime, and certain members of the farm family become swollen, slime-drooling mutants. Now two of the farmer's children who wisely avoided the meteorite's contamination seek outside help.

Actor David Keith makes a striking directorial debut in this horror sotyr about a meteorite that crashes into a farm and turns the inhabitatns into lunatics. From the same H. P. Lovecraft story previously filmed as Die, Monster, Die!. As if Monster of Terror wasn't bad enough, actor David Keith decided to make another version of Lovecraft's The Colour out of Space, and the result went straight to video. Titled The Farm during shooting. It came and went, one of the few Lovecraft projects of the 80's to actually reach the screen, but without an audience. It has spawned a number of non-Lovecraftian video sequels.

"Possibly the most disturbing of the Lovecraft adaptations (and not just because of Wil Wheton).  The Curse is gloriously low budget. It's grimy film quality and cheesy effects only make the movie creepier. Based on the tale The Colour Out of Space it concerns a strange meteorite that lands on some back woods New England dirt farm and contaminates the family water supply. Soon Mom is rotting in the attic and Dad's gone all homicidal. Chaos ensues. Enjoy!"

COMMENT: Joseph SMilie (peggygravel@hotmail.com), Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
I would rather go to the dentist than watch this film again!


The Unnamable 1988.
USA (KP Prods/Yankee Classic Pictures/Vidmark) 1988. 87 min. 

Producer: Jean-Paul Ouellette, Dean Ramser; Director / Script: Jean-Paul Ouellette; Music: David Bergeaud.

Cast: Mark Kinsey Stephenson (Randolph Carter), Charles King (Howard Damon), Alexandra Durrell (Tanya Heller), Katrin Alexander (the Creature), Laura Albert, Eben Ham, Blane Wheatley, Mark Parra, Delbert Spain, Colin Cox

In 1688, Alyda Winthrop (Katrin Alexandre) is born, so ugly her father, Joshua Winthrop (Delbert Spain) locks her away in the attic. She escapes and kills him, but gets trapped in a vault, where she lingers for hundreds of years, until some students from the Miskatonic University, including Randolph Carter (Mark Kinsey Stephenson), let her out.  BIG mistake.  Will the Necronomicon save the day or doom them all?  The standard gore-fest ensues, as she kills the students one by one, until Carter traps her in tree roots.

Another low budget Lovecraft adaptation released on video. Based loosely on a minor 1923 tale in which college school kids explore the cursed house of an ancient sorcerer and are killed off one by one by his monstrous offspring.  Although it probably owes more to the teenagers in jeopardy slasher cycle than HPL there are references to the Miskatonic University and the Necronomicon, plus a great Lovecraftian monster (played by Katrin Alexandre).

"A pretty good film with a few too many titty jokes, but the classic Lovecraftian ending where someone reading from a book saves the day.  And the monster (which DOES TOO have a name!) is incredibly cool."

"Based on H. P. Lovecraft -- actually taking inspiration from several stories. One nice little bit of skin, moderate gore, low budget but good makeup for the monster. · · · I kinda liked it! Lighthearted in spots, faithful to the Lovecraftian atmosphere.  Mostly, it is just a formula piece about being stuck in a haunted house with a monster.  Good characters and good action make it worthwhile."  - Bruce V. Edwards, Bad Cinema Diary

"Writer-director Jean-Paul Ouellette, an Orson Welles protege, produced this pretty decent little direct-to-video shocker loosely based on H. P. Lovecraft's short-short story of the same name.  Mark Kinsey Stephenson and Charles King are Miskatonic College students interested in "the unnamable." Their lesser-aware student brethren are more interested in either scaring the two witless or getting some on Friday night, and one of them scopes out the local haunted house for both purposes, becoming the first of many meals for the thing that's lived there since the seventeenth century. This is nothing you haven't seen before, but it's pretty well done. Ouellette improved the mix on the much better-produced sequel, which actually had something of a budget.  The principals are good in their roles, but the script is pretty thin even for this kind of thing.  Katrin Alexandre does an amazing job portraying the nasty demon-thing in the house, even if it doesn't fully reveal itself until the last gruesome ten minutes of the movie. It's got a good - if cheap and repetitive - music score, and is nicely photographed. Hardly great, and not as good as its own sequel, but worth watching if you like this kind of thing." Thomas_Entertainment

The Shadow Over Innsmouth Un-Produced.
Film Rumor This Stuart Gordon epic has variously been considered by Empire Pictures, Vestron Pictures, Full Moon Entertainment and others. The scirpt is supposed to be sumptuous and full-blown, the creatures (designed by ------) were stunning, and the budget was beyond the ken of any distributor. Unfortunately, the failure of most Lovecraft motion picture productions to recoup a fair profit for their financiers has relegated Lovecraft to the low-budget filmmakers. Should one of these break the traditional bounds of boxoffice, Shadow Over Innsmouth might get made.
The Thing on the Doorstep Un-Produced.
Film Rumor Yankee Classic Pictures announced the production of an adaptation of the Lovecraft classic. Like The Shadow Over Innsmouth, much was said and money was spent but the film has yet to see the screen.  A short promotional trailer was filmed. 
Bride of Re-Animator 1989.
USA (Wildstreet Pictures/Medusa /  Re-Animator II Productions, Inc.) 1989.  96 minutes

Also Known As:
Re-Animator 2 (1990) (UK) 

Producer / Director: Brian Yuzna; Script: Rick Fry, Woody Keith , Brian Yuzna; Music: Richard Band

Cast: Jeffrey Combs (Herbert West), Bruce Abbott (Dan Cain), Claude Earl Jones (Lt. Leslie Chapman), Fabiana Udenio (Francesca Danelli), David Gale (Doctor Carl Hill), Kathleen Kinmont (Gloria the bride), Mel Stewart (Dr. Graves)


SYNOPSIS: Herbert West and his reluctant sidekick, Dr. Cain, return for another funny, gory round of bringing back the dead in bits and pieces. This time, West cons Cain into an attempt to rebuild his late girlfriend, using her preserved brain and body parts scrounged from the local hospital. What results is a kind of sideways parody of "The Bride of Frankenstein." The police suspect what they're up to.  Dr. Hill's animated head earns its wings, and with the aid of some zombies, destroys the laboratory.
Transylvania Twist 1990

Director: Jim Wynorski; Producer: Alida Camp, Roger Corman (Exec. Producer); Script: R. J. Robertson; Music: Chuck Cirino 

Cast: Robert Vaughn (Lord Byron Orlock), Teri Copley (Marissa Orlock), Steve Altman (Dexter Ward), Ace Mask (Victor Von Helsing
Angus Scrimm (Stefen), Steve Franken (Hans Hoff), Monique Gabrielle (Patty/Patricia), Howard Morris (Marinas Orlock), Jay Robinson (Uncle Ephram), Lenny Juliano (Maxie Fields), Frazer Smith (Slick Lambert(, Becky LeBeau (Rita), Stu Nahan (Sports Announcer), Brinke Stevens (Betty Lou)

A horror-comedy that gets more unintentional laughs than intentional.  A copy of the The Book of Ulthar is stolen from the Arkham Library, and librarian “Dexter Ward” attempts to retrieve it from a vampire, Lord Byron Orlock (Robert Vaughn).

SYNOPSIS: A librarian from Transylvania must collect the fines on a 200 year overdue book, "The Book of all Evil." During his trip to the castle, he meets Marissa, a gorgeous rock star and heir to the castle's fortune. There they must confront the only other heir to the fortune and the book, Uncle Byron; and Uncle Byron has a very, very, very broad smile. - Concorde - New Horizons

La Setta 1990


Also Known As:
Demons 4 (1990)
Devil's Daughter, The (1990) (USA)
Sect, The (1990) Runtime: Spain:116 / UK:112 Country: Italy Language: Italian Color: Color

Director: Michele Soavi; Producer; Dario Argento, Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori; Script: Dario Argento, Gianni Romoli   (as Giovanni Romoli), Michele Soavi; Music: Pino Donaggio 

Cast: Kelly Curtis (Miriam Kreisl), Herbert Lom (Gran Vecchio), Mariangela Giordano (Kathryn) (as Maria Angela Giordan), Michel Adatte (Franz), Carla Cassola (Dr. Pernath)


An Italian re-tread of Rosemary’s Baby with some Lovecraftian references thrown in for good measure.

SYNOPSIS: A spree of grisly murders is perpetrated in Frankfurt by a group of Satan worshippers. A school teacher almost runs over an old man with a box and takes him in. It's no accident that the old man has come into her life, and it quickly becomes apparent that he has plans for her, plans that involve a permanent future with the Satanic cult. - Ed Sutton {esutton@mindspring.com}

Dark Heritage: The Final Descendant .1990
USA, 1990, c-94

Director: David McCormick

Cast: David Hatcher, Mark LaCour, Eddie Moore, Tim Verkaik.

Following a violent thunderstorm, mutilated bodies fill a normally peaceful Southern campground.  Investigative reporter Clint
Harrison wants to discover why.  Local legend tells of a terrible family secret within the Dansen clan.  Clint decides to spend the night in the abandoned Dansen mansion to uncover the truth.  An uncredited adaptation of "The Lurking Fear". 
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