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Lovecraft Film Lists

Part One: 1950 - 1970.

Part Two: 1971 - 1980.

Part Three: 1981 - 1990.

Part Four: 1991 - 2000.

Part Five: 2001 - 

Questionable Inclusions.

from The Arkham Advertiser.


PART FOUR: 1991 - 2000


Cast a Deadly Spell 1992
USA (HBO) 1992. Time: 96 minutes

[formerly: LOVECRAFT] 

Dir: Martin Campbell; Producer: Gale Ann Hurd; Script; Joseph Dougherty. 

Cast: Fred Ward (Detective Harry Philip Lovecraft), David Warner (Amos Hackshaw), Julianne Moore (Connie), Clancy Brown (Bordon), Alexandra Powers (Olivia Hackshaw), Charles Hallahan (Detective Bradbury)

See the 1965 Dark Intruder. Another San Francisco detective hunts demonic occurrences.

"Fred Ward stars as a private eye named Harry Philip Lovecraft who lives in a 1940s Hollywood where everyone uses magic. David Warner hires Ward to retrieve his stolen copy of the Necronomicon so he can release the Old Ones. Not very Lovecraftian, despite all the references, but still fairly amusing."

Cthulhu Mansion 1992
Spain (Filmagic / Golden Pictures / Republic) 1992, 92 minutes

Director: Juan Piquer Simon; Producer: Jose G. Maesso & J. P. Simon; Screenplay: Juan Piquer Simon

Cast: Frank Finlay, Marcia Layton, Brad Fisher, Melanie Shatner, Luis Fernando Alves, Kaethe Cherney, Paul Birchard, Frank Brana, Emil Linder

"This terrible film isn’t even remotely Lovecraftian – the word “Cthulhu” appears on a book and a wrought iron gate, and that is all. As an example of how far off the mark this movie is, here’s a quote from the back of the box: 'Feeding on fear, the satanic, primal forces of Cthulhu, the Devil’s footsoldiers, now stalk the hallways in search of vengeance.'"
The Howler 1992 Un-produced
USA () 1992

Film Rumor

A Lovecraftian film announced at the 1992 American Film Market.  Never filmed.
The Resurrected 1992
Canada/USA (Scotti Bros.) 1991 (1992). 108 minutes

Also Known As:
Shatterbrain (1992) 

Director: Dan O'Bannon;  Producer: Mark Borde, Kenneth Raich; Script: Brent Friedman;  Music: Richard Band

Cast: John Terry (John March), Jane Sibbett (Claire Ward), Chris Sarandon (Charles Dexter Ward/Joseph Curwen), Robert Romanus (Lonnie Peck), Laurie Briscoe (Holly Tender), Ken Camroux (Captain Ben Szandor), Patrick Pon (Raymond), Bernard Cuffling (Dr. Waite)


SYNOPSIS: Charles Dexter Ward's wife enlists the help of a private detective to find out what her husband is up to in a remote cabin owned by his family for centuries. The husband is a chemical engineer, and the smells from his experiments (and the delivery of what appear to be human remains at all hours) are beginning to arouse the attention of neighbors and local law enforcement officials. When the detective and wife find a diary of the husband's ancestor from 1771, and reports of gruesome murders in the area begin to surface, they begin to suspect that some very unnatural experiments are being conducted in the old house. Based on an H.P. Lovecraft story. - Ed Sutton {esutton@mindspring.com}

COMMENT: Vitor Alves, Estoril, Portugal
You can almost smell the putrid flesh that fills this movie.  Here it is people! This is the best Lovecraft story adaptation for the big screen. It's also probably one of the best horror movies ever made, which makes it a must-see title for not only the genre fans, but to all of those who love this art. The story of a man who dared to fool around with death, finding a "cure" to it is certainly a tragic one. As in "Re-Animator", there are plenty of scary moments as well as extremely gory ones. It's always nice to watch movies that put the viewer "inside the action" to the point that at times, the smell of the action invades our homes. "The Resurrected" is certainly one of those movies!

Shadow Over Innsmouth (Innsmouth Wo Oou Kage) 1992
Japan, 1992, 57 minutes

Director: Nasuda Jun

A travel writer  visits a coastal Japanese town much like the American Innsmouth.  Instead he is introduced to his own history his mother.  Based on The Shadow over Innsmouth
Army of Darkness 1993
USA Color (DeLuxe)81 / USA:96 (director's cut)  minutes

Also Known As:
Army of Darkness, The (1993) (USA: original script title)
Army of Darkness, the Ultimate Experience in Medieval Horror (1993) (closing credits title)
Army of Darkness: Evil Dead 3 (1993)
Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness (1993) (UK: video title)
Captain Supermarket (1993)
Evil Dead 3 (1993)
Evil Dead II: The Medievil Dead (1984) (USA: working title)
Medieval Dead, The (1993) 

Director: Sam Raimi; Producer: Robert G. Tapert, Bruce Campbell; Screenplay: Sam and Ivan Raimi; Music: Danny Elfman and Joseph LoDuca

Cast: Bruce Campbell (Ash), Embeth Davidtz (Sheila), Marcus Gilbert (Arthur), Ian Abercrombie (Wiseman), Richard Grove (Duke Henry), Michael Earl Reid (Gold Tooth), Timothy Patrick Quill (Blacksmith), Bridget Fonda (Linda), Patricia Tallman (Possessed Witch), Theodore Raimi (Cowardly Warrior), Ivan Raimi ("Fake Shemp")


"Bruce Campbell is back as Ash in Sam Raimi's third Evil Dead film. This film has all the manic pace of the first two films and, once again, the Necronomicon figures prominently."



Beyond The Wall Of Sleep 1993
1993 (listed in IMDB as 2001)

Director: Barrett J. Leigh, Thom Maurer; Producer: Koko Polosajian; Script: Barrett J. Leigh, Thom Maurer 

Cast:  George Peroulas (Mental Patient),  Fountain Yount (Edward Eischel), Greg Fawcett (Francis), William Sanderson (Joe Slaader), Frank Schuler (Peter Slaader), Kurt Hargan (Dr. Wardlow), Marco St. John (Dr. Fenton), Rick Dial (Dr. Barnard), Tom Savini (Sheriff), Bobby Jacoby (Jasper), Greg Fawcett (Francis) Rachel Mellendorf (Ardelia), Jan Jackson (Nurse in operating room), Tonya White (Featured Extra)

Short film based on Beyond The Wall Of Sleep.
The Necronomicon 1993
USA (August Entertainment) 1993, 96 minutes

Also Known As:
H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon, Book of the Dead (1996) (USA: video title)

Director: Brian Yuzna (wrapper and Part 3/Whispeper), Christophe Gans (Part 1/The Drowned), Shusuke Kaneko (Part 2/The COld)
Producer: Samuel Hadida, Brian Yuzna; Script: Brent V. Friedman, Christophe Gans (part 1), Kazunori Itô (part 2), Brian Yuzna (part 3); Music: Daniel Licht, Joseph LoDuca 

Cast: David Warner (Dr. Madden), Richard Lynch (Jethro De La Pore), Bruce Payne (Edward De La Pore), Belinda Bauer (Nancy Gallmore), Maria Ford (Clara), Don Calfa (Mr. Benedict), Signy Coleman (Sarah), Jeffrey Combs (H.P. Lovecraft)

H.P. Lovecraft, the well-known horror writer, is looking in the late thirties after the book 'Necronomicon'. He finds it guarded by monks in an old library. He then copies some stories from it, which unfold for our eyes- and his... 
      An anthology of three tales: "The Drowned", an mixture of Rats in the Walls, Charles Dexter Ward, Dreams in the Witch House, Call of Cthulu all in one in which a man who uses the secrets of the Necronomicon to revive his deceased; "The Cold", an adaptation of Cool Air about a reporter who investigates the deaths of 40 people and discovers a secret that threatens his own existence; and "Whispers", based on The Whisperer in Darkness in which a female cop discovers an underground civilization that is a breeding ground for the old ones.

"H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon, while not actually tracking any individual Lovecraft work, manages to capture the Lovecraftian "feel" better than even Stuart Gordon's Reanimator. An anthology style film with the inestimable Jeff Coombs playing HPL himself.  Necronomicon grabs the viewer from the first frame till the last in a grinding rollercoaster of amazing ferocity. While most horror movies have some element of self-depreciating humour in them, the Necro is relentless and certainly not for weak stomachs. A definite must see." - Dave G. at gizmology.net/lovecraft/movies/

An anthology of three tales, with an unintentionally laughable wrapper story called "The Library" featuring Jeffrey Combs as Lovecraft himself. Combs obtains a copy of the Necronomicon and is apparently reading these three tales from it! The first segment, "The Drowned," is based very loosely on "The Rats in the Walls" and has a few genuinely atmospheric moments – but no rats!  The second segment, "The Cold," is based a little more solidly on "Cool Air" and stars David
Warner, but a female protagonist was added. The last segment, "Whispers," was supposedly based on "The Whisperer in Darkness", but apparently underwent so much revision that the resemblance was lost. Altogether, a very average film. - www.hplovecraft.com/popcult/moviestv/based.htm


The Unnamable II:
The Statement of Randolph Carter
USA (Yankee Classic Pictures) 1993. 104 minutes

Director: Jean-Paul Ouellette; Producer: Alexandra Durrell, Chris Cho; Screenplay: Jean-Paul Ouellette; DP: Greg Gardner; Music: David Bergeaud

Cast: Mark Kinsey Stephenson (Randolph Carter), John Rhys-Davies (Professor Warren), Charles Klausmeyer (Eliot Damon Howard), Maria Ford (Alyda), Julie Strain (The Unnamable), David Warner (Chancellor Thayer), Peter Breck, Richard Domeier


Picking up where Unnamable I left off, Randolph Carter uses a spell from the Necronomicon to separate Alyda Winthrop from the deamon that possessed her. Nudity.

In the sequel, which begins moments after the end of the first film, the unnamable monster is
magically divided into halves: a sexy beautiful half, and a ... well, a not-so-beautiful all-evil half.  Why do I get the feeling that bringing EITHER half back to the Miskatonic U. dorms is not a good idea? 

Pretty gosh-darn silly, but Maria Ford running around dressed in nothing but her long, flowing hair for most of the film is enough to put most people's hearts at ease.  Mark Kinsey Stephenson isn't too hard on the eyes, either.

"The ending of Unnamable 1 is implicitly altered to lead into a 'morning after' sequel.  A bigger budget and more serious and tense.   It succeeds better as a fright film, but loses the lightheartedness of the first.   It uses Lovecraftian themes and lore very well." - Bruce V. Edwards, Bad Cinema Diary

Lurking Fear 1994
(Full Moon Entertainment) 1994, 76 minutes

Director / Script: C. Courtney Joyner; Producer: Oana Paunescu, Vlad Paunescu; Music: Jim Manzie

Cast: Jon Finch (Bennett), Blake Bailey (John Martense), Ashley Laurence (Cathryn Farrell), Jeffrey Combs (Dr. Haggis), Allison Mackie (Ms. Marlowe), Paul Mantee (Father Poole), Vincent Schiavelli (Knaggs)


Liner notes from the video: In this chilling tale based on a story by horror-master H.P. Lovecraft, an isolated desert town has been ravaged for years by grotesque creatures who dwell in the depths beneath the local cemetery.
     Cathryn Farrel returns to this miserable place with one goal in mind: to avenge the brutal death of her beloved sister by the creatures. In the midst of a storm, she wires the decaying graveyard with enough explosives to blow the entire undead population back to hell...for good!
     Young John Martens shows up with his own score to settle. His mission is to recover a fortune in loot buried somewhere in the cemetary by his now dead father. Before the night is through these two strangers find themselves unlikely allies in an effort to defend themselves againstthe hungry undead as well as an equally deadly gang of misfits who aim to beat John to the hidden cache.
     In a terrifying, bone-chilling clash, they battle with the ghouls in a blood-soaked finale.


Outsider, The 1994
USA: Chicago, 1994, 16mm color, 8 minutes

Director / script: Aaron Vanek

Cast: Herb Lichtenstein, Kathryn Grady, David Katzman 

Through flashbacks a man comes to realize that his current condition is death. 
Witch Hunt 1994
USA (HBO) 1994, 100 minutes

Director: Paul Schrader; Producer: Gale Anne Hurd, Michael R. Joyce; Script: Joseph DoughertyMusic: Angelo Badalamenti.

Cast: Dennis Hopper (Detective H. Phillip Lovecraft), Julian Sands (Finn Macha), Eric Bogosian (Senator Larson Crockett), Penelope Ann Miller (Kim Hudson), Debi Mazar (The Manicurist), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Hypolita Kropotkin)


This follow-up to "Cast a Deadly Spell" stars Dennis Hopper (instead of Fred Ward) in the role of H. Phillip Lovecraft.  This film contains no Lovecraftian elements or references at all, and is only mentioned because it is a sequel to "Cast a Deadly Spell."  The music for "Witch Hunt" was done by Angelo Badalamenti, of "Twin Peaks" fame.  [Internet Movie Database: 7.1/10.]

"Dennis Hopper replaces Fred Ward as detective H. Philip Lovecraft in this Lovecraft-free sequel to Cast a Deadly Spell."


Castle Freak 1995
USA, 1995, C-90 / 95(US) minutes

Director: Stuart Gordon; Producer: Maurizio Maggi; Script: Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli; Music: Richard Band

Cast: Jeffrey Combs (John Reilly), Barbara Crampton (Susan Reilly), Jonathan Fuller (Giorgio), Jessica Dollarhide (Rebecca Reilly), Massimo Sarchielli (Giannetti), Elisabeth Kaza (Agnes), Luca Zingaretti (Forte), Helen Stirling (Duchess D'Orsino)


Based on The Outsider

SUMMARY: John has inherited a castle and Italy and he moves there with his wife Susan and their blind daughter Rebecca. What they don't realize is that there is somebody else in the castle. An abused child (his half-brother) left to die in the basement who has now become the castle freak and is out to wreak havoc. - Josh Pasnak {chainsaw@intouch.bc.ca}

In the Mouth of Madness 1995
USA (New Line Cinema) 1995, C-95 minutes

Also Known As:
John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness (1995) (USA: complete title) 

Director: John Carpenter; Producer: Sandy King; Script: Michael DeLuca; Music: John Carpenter, Dave Davies, Jim Lang

Cast: Sam Neill (John Trent), Julie Carmen (Linda Styles), Jurgen Prochnow (Sutter Cane), David Warner (Dr. Wrenn), John Glover (Saperstein), Bernie Casey (Robinson), Peter Jason (Paul), Charlton Heston (Jackson Harglow), Francis Bay (Mrs. Pickman), Wilhelm von Homburg (Simon)


While this has some Lovecraftian feel, it is more die to Stephen King and the influence Lovecraft had on him than on HPL.  The story is pretty much a send up of King and his desire to live in the quiet of Maine.  The author's name in the film is Sutter Cane, causing one to think of Robert E. Howard as well. 

Strya Review:
"John Trent (Sam Neill) is hired by Jackson Harglow (Charlton Heston) to locale missing horror novelist Sutter Cane (Jurgen Prochnow). Trent finds Cane in a New England town that isn't on any map and finds that Cane intends to bring back the "Old Ones" with his ability to alter reality through his writings. Many consider this to be one of the better Lovecraftian films of recent years, but there are probably more references to King than there are to Lovecraft, and the mood of the film isn't especially Lovecraftian. "


Chilean Gothic 1996
Chile 1996 (Language / Spanish) C-45 minutes

Director: Ricardo Harrington ; Script: Gilberto Villarroel 

Cast: Rodrigo Sepúlveda (Gabriel Martínez), Luis Alarcón, Fernando Gallardo, Cristián Campos


The Chilan version of Pickman's Model. 

IMDB COMMENT: Rhias K. Hall (tura-1), Seattle, Washington
I saw Chilean Gothinc at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival last year and thought it was a particularly well made adaptation of one of the authors best known stories. The director helped maintain the feel Lovecraft's story (about an artist famous for his horrific paintings) by never really allowing us to see those paintings clearly. As the camera pans past these macabre works of art we glimpse vague shapes which our own minds flesh out into whatever monstrosities we choose to see.
     This same technique is used with great success throughout the movie. Even the climactic scene of horror is played just a bit off camera, allowing the audience the freedom to imagine the worst. My only complaint is that the subtitles left much to be desired and viewers may want to read the original story first in order to make the adaptation easier to follow.

Bleeders 1997
Canada/USA, 1997, Greece:94 / USA:89 minutes

Also Known As:
Descendant, The (1998) (USA: TV title)
Hemoglobin (1998) (UK) 

Directed by Peter Svatek: Producer: Julie Allan, Pieter Kroonenburg; Script: Charles Adair, Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett; Music: Alan Reeves

Cast: Rutger Hauer (Dr. Marlowe), Roy Dupuis (John Strauss), Kristin Lehman (Kathleen), Jackie Burroughs (Lexie), John Dunn-Hill (Hank), Joanna Noyes (Byrde), Felicia Schulman (Yolanda), Janine Theriault (Alice)

SYNOPSIS: A man with an unknown disease travels to an island with his girlfriend where his relatives once lived, hoping to find a cure to his illness. While it was thought that his relatives were all dead he actually finds them to be living underground. However because they have been inbreeding for all these years they don't look right, plus they have developed a pretty bad eating habit. Will he chose his girlfriend or his people? - {semihtareen@yahoo.com}

Based on The Lurking Fear
"[Bleeders] consists of a New England island terrorized by the inbred anthropomorphic horrors (with mismatched eyes!) living beneath the ruined mansion on the hill. And it's got Rutger Hauer in it!"

"The Canadian film Bleeders foregoes the atmosphere and background, but lifts the plot concepts from Lurking Fear and weaves a new script around them." - Bruce V. Edwards, Bad Cinema Diary


My Necronomicon 1997
USA: Chicago, 1997, 16mm/video, bw-2 minutes

Director: Aaron Vanek

Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, The
Un siècle d'écrivains: Le cas Howard Phillips Lovecraft
France, 1998 (Language / French) 45 minutes

Director: Patrick-Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic, Anne-Louise Trividic

Award winning French television documentary about HPL.

A Lovecraft biography produced by the documentary division of the French production company, Le Sept Arte, and is quite one of the most extraordinary biographical documentaries one has ever seen.  Rarely has a documentary ever gotten inside the head of its subject so well - it touches bases with Lovecraft's racism, his agoraphobia and his fascination with the ancient past. It makes use of a quite novel second-person voiceover narrative in which the film addresses the audience themselves as though they were in Lovecraft’s shoes. Equally ingenious is its use of surrealistic techniques, including having Lovecraft represented by a lifesize carboard cutout circling a gloomy apartment on a track.


Patrick-Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic et Anne-Louise Trividic pour Toute marche mystérieuse vers un destin (Le cas Howard Phillips Lovecraft)  1998 - 45' - Taxi vidéo brousse, INA, France 3, Arte collection Un siècle d'écrivains

Le film a remporté le Fipa d'or du meilleur documentaire de création (Biarritz 1999) et le Silver Spire au Golden Gate Awards ( San Francisco 1999).

Portrait littéraire et biographique de l'écrivain américain Howard Phillips Lovecraft, continuateur et rénovateur de la tradition gothique, maître de la littérature fantastique.
Ce portrait se présente comme une tentative de biographie psychique à travers l'œuvre. Son décor unique est un appartement pauvre et vétuste. C'est peut-être l'appartement new-yorkais où Lovecraft vécut les années douloureuses de sa descente aux enfers. Mais c'est peut-être aussi et surtout le paysage mental de l'écrivain. Un paysage hanté par la peur, ravagé par la douleur de l'échec social et de l'exil intérieur.


(note this is one long address) http://web.archive.org/web /20010625113707/www.france3.fr/emissions/ecrivain /auteurs/lovecraft.html


Cool Air 1998
USA, 1998, bw-50 minutes

Director / Script: Bryan Moore

Cast: Ron Ford (Repairman)


During the summer of 1925 a young writer rents a room at a dilapidated boarding house.  In between confrontations with a colorful landlady, the writer meets an aging doctor and discovers his terrible secret.  Based on H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale, Cool Air anticipates cryogenic research and the tragic consequences it brings.  - review from NecronomiCon 5

Christian Matzke (crispen@hotmail.com), Portland, Maine: "Quite possibly the best Lovecraft adaptation ever made. This short film captures the mood and conflicted emotions of Lovecraft's original story perfectly. Writer/director Bryan Moore has great potential and an ear for dialogue. He creates a number of sympathetic characters in a very short period and thereby out does Lovecraft's original story. It is a shame this film has received so little public attention, it deserves better. I highly recommend it not simply to those fans of Lovecraft who yearn for a good adaptation to finally be made, but to anyone with an appreciation of mood and character."

Babylon Park: Frightspace 1999
USA, 1999, iNFiNiCorp Transgalactic, English, Short, Color

Writer: Christopher Russo

Cast: Wayne Alexander (Nyarlathotep, Howl 3), 
Robin Atkin Downes (Lillard, Steve, Byakhee), Patricia Tallman (Leeta Salamander), Jeffrey Willerth (Darth Koshi)

An exciting blend of Babylon 5 and South Park. In this episode Lovecraftian Extra-Dimensional Gods invade the space station lead by Nyarlathotep Or I-Hop as he likes to be called. Johnny "Nuke 'em" Sherman is at a loss when his nuclear warheads have no effect on them. - Summary written by Neely Stewart

Just as Babylon 5's Straczynski makes references to Lovecraft, this spoof follows suit and throws in a whole lot more in its short time.

From Beyond 1999
Canada, 1999, 22 minutes

Director/script: Bob Fugger;  DP: Lynne Sypula

Cast: Jordan Pratt (Narrator), Mike O'Donnell (Crawford Tillinghast)

Crawford Tillinghast, a demented university professor, invites his estranged collegue to visit his house after more than 3 months in self-imposed isolation. Tillinghast has been devoting his time to the construction of a machine that allows the human brain to see into the ultra-violet spectrum - and he now wants to reveal it's power.

Film's web site

From Beyond (Från Andra Sidan) 1999
Swedish (Swedish with English subtitles / All filming was located in Halmstad, Sweden.) Beta, 1999

Producer: Peter Andersson, Robert Lindberg, Magnus Sörell; Script: Peter Andersson based on a short story by H.P Lovecraft.

Cast: Stig Bengtsson, Hans Johansson, Jan-Einar Blomquist.


Synopsis:  It's in the 40's. A scientist gets an invitation from a colleague to visit him at his mansion. There he finds out that the colleague has changed from a distinguished gentleman to a raving lunatic. The colleague claims that he has done an amazing discovery about dimensions.

Film's web site :

Out of Mind 1999
Canada (Cine Qua Non Films) 1999, 56 minutes
Director  Raymond St-Jean; Producer: Michel Ouellette; Writer: H.P. Lovecraft 
Raymond Saint-Jean.
Cast: Christopher Heyerdahl, Art Kitching, Peter Farbridge, Pierre Leblanc

cast overview:  Christopher Heyerdahl (Howard P. Lovecraft), Peter Farbridge (Harley Warren), Art Kitching (Randolph Carter),  Michael Sinelnikoff (Henry Armitage)

Haunted by disturbing dreams from an inherited book, a young man becomes interested in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.  Made for TV.

SYNOPSIS: A young man has hallucinations after receiving a mysterious inheritance from a dead uncle who was into the occult, and he starts looking for clues in the writings of American author, H.P. Lovecraft (Heyerdahl). Hour-long drama starts out an artsy, quasi-documentary about Lovecraft, segues into the horror story about the inheritance (meant to evoke a Lovecraft-style story), then ties the two together (unsatisfyingly) at the end. Film doesn't really give you that much insight into Lovecraft or his work, though the blatantly fictional middle arouses minor interest, with the writing, direction and performances showing promise (albeit in a film students sort of way) but peters out by the end, precisely because it isn't willing to be a straight narrative. 

Return to Innsmouth 1999
USA: Chicago, 1999, 16mm color

Director: Aaron Vanek; Producer: Andrew Migliore, Toren Atkinson

Cast: Ezra Hubbard (Olmstead), Larry Curwin (Lawrence), Edgar Reynolds (Zadok), Paul Palazzolo (Yeager)

Robert Olmstead is driven by nightmares. Ever since he stopped in the town of Innsmouth, he is haunted by visions of horrible almost-human things that live in the ocean. The dreams drove him to the Canton Research Facility, where he breaks inside to rescue his cousin, Lawrence Marsh. Lawrence is barely recognizable as a human, and Robert fears he may become the same thing.

Together they race toward Innsmouth, summoned by an evil force. But there is someone on their tail, someone that wants to stop them from turning into creatures of horror.

Robert must decide between dying as a man, or living forever as something.

The Beyond (L’Altrove) 2000
Italy (Studio Interzona / Arabesque Films) 2000. 
Part 1: The Darkness Beyond - 80 minutes 
Part 2: Unknown Beyond - 90 minutes

Director: Ian Zuccon; Producer: Valerio Zuccon, Ian Zuccon; Script: Ian Zuccon (1), Enrico Saletti (2); Music: Ipnosi, Acid Vacuum

Cast: Emanuele Cerman, Roberta Marrelli, Giorgia Bassano, Michael Segal, Giuseppe Gobbato, Caterina Zanca, Alessio Pascutti, Francesco Malaspina, Laura Coratti

A film in three parts: 

Part 1: The Darkness Beyond (80 minutes)
‘‘Where is the book?’’
Baghdad 1571, philosopher Al Caleb is asked by Dr. John Dee to translate some pages of the "Necronomicon" from ancient arabic. Arkam 500 years later: a copy of the Necronomicon, the terrible book written by Abdul Alhazred, able to stir up the most obscure forces of darkness, is still in the hands of men. Survivors of the human race, on the brink of extinction, are fighting a war without time against the creatures of darkness embodied by their dead companions.

Part 2:  Unknown Beyond (MAELSTROM, Il Figlio Dell'Altrove) (90 minutes)
PROLOG: Two billions of years ago, the Ancient Ones colonized Earth, they created biologic life for food, and human race for slavery. They put their knowledge into a book of light, the Necronomicon, which could open wide the gates of the Unknown Beyond. Centuries after, human race rebelled from slavery, starting a war that lasts from millennia.

Part 3: Lost Beyond
Expected release: January 2004

Film's web site:

The House on Dame Street 2000
Ireland, 2000, 5 minutes

Director: Ruauru Robinson

Irish animated film inspired by The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.
Rough Magic 2000
UK. (Bubblehead Productions) 2000. 41 minutes.

Director: Jamie Payne; Producer: Stephen W. Parsons; Script: Stephen W. Parsons

Cast: Paul Darrow, Gerrard McArthur

Pilot of a British TV series in which a group called the Night Scholars work for British intelligence battling those who would awaken the Sleeping Gods, aliens who have lived on earth in suspension for aeons.
Shoggoth On The Roof, A 2000
2000, 8mm film, 20 minutes

Producer / Director / Script: Andrew Leman, Sean Branney

Cast: Andrew Leman, Sean Branney, Stuart Gordon, Chris Sarandon

The home movie of a rehearsal of a musical which was never performed. 

"There are some things man was not meant to adapt to musical stage productions ...  A hysterical story of a mysterious reel of film, showing what appears to be rehearsals for an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired musical based on "Fiddler on the Roof."  With guest appearances by Stuart Gordon and Chris Sarandon!  And some actually memorable tunes!  ("If I were a Deep One, glub-glub-glub-glub-glub ...)  Pity those pesky SAG rules keep it from being more widely distributed.  BUT, the director says that someone is actually going to be staging the ENTIRE MUSICAL onstage now!" - NecronomiCon 5 review

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