Department of Eastern Studies
The Al Azif Project


Al Azif:
the 10 books

by Professor Alicia Uslane, Ph.D. & Jean-Paul Ouellette
Copyright @ 1998, 2002 Miskatonic University Press / yankeeclassic.com


BOOK ONE - THE COSMOLOGY - a history of the gods

Azathoth - Buo of Yaddith - Children of the Fire Mist - Cthulhu - Hastur from Saturn - Haunter of the Dark - Hooded Thing - Nodens - Nyarlathotep (and Hermes Trismegistus) - Shub-Niggurath - Tsathaggua - Yog-Sothoth

BOOK TWO - THE COMING - the appearance of gods on earth

Chapter One - Cthulhu and his spawn - Bokrug - Buddai of the Australia - Father Dagon and the Deep Ones - Mother Hydra - The man lizards of Venus - The sunken "Mighty Ones" -l'mur-Kathulas ? - The Nameless City - creatures of Shadow Out of Time - Pth'thya-lyi 
Chapter Two - The Elder Ones (Lake) Elder Things (Nec) - Old Ones (Mountains of Madness & Shadow) - S'gg'ha - Shoggoths - 
Chapter Three - The Great Race for Yith
Chapter Four - The Great Old Ones - Black Winged Old Ones - Winged things of Louisiana - Outer Beings - Outer Ones - Winged Beings
Chapter Five - Lengians NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE OLD ONES - black moon galleys - The Pnakotic Manuscripts of Leng - Moon beasts - Bokrug ?
Chapter Six - Umr at-Tawil - the Dream guide - Dream worlds gods - Lobon - Tamash - ?
Chapter Seven - Earths Gods - Magna Mater - Yig - Cleis - Sabaoth
Chapter Eight - The Mi-Go, Tcho-Tcho, Yeti

BOOK THREE - THE WARS - the battles between the gods
battles between Great Race and Cthulhu spawn
battles between Old Ones and Cthulhu spawn
battles between Great Race and Old Ones
battles between Old Ones and Mi-Go

BOOK FOUR - THE FALL - the destruction of their world and the rise of man
Great Race escapes as Cthulhu spawn escape
Old Ones destroyed by Shoggoths and Cthulhu
Cthulhu trapped in the cataclysm

BOOK FIVE - THE HEROS - warriors who battled the gods back

BOOK SIX - THE CULTS - the followers of the gods
The deathless Chinese cult

BOOK SEVEN - THE CALLING - how the gods are called back

1. (711) Calling and trapping the He Who Protects the Sleeping Gods 
2. (721) How to pact with the Black Man
3. (731) The Pact of Familiars
4. (741) How to build a room that will open out into the universe 
5. (751) The formulas for sexual/reproductive union between gods and mankind (now known as the Dunwich formulae)
6. (761) Consorting with the Deep Ones
7. (771) A chapter on the Guide and Guardian and the instructions of the Silver Key 
8. (781) How to control the Shiny Trapezohedron, the black crystal of the Haunter of the Dark
9. To Create a Shoggoth.  The problem is that the formula for life is uncertain and the telepathic control over the Shoggoths is a function of the Elder Ones' sensory organs which man cannot recreate. A very dangerous formula.
10. The animation formulas from the ashes of the dead 
11. Human Reanimation formula 
12. How to put the head of an animal on a human body

BOOK EIGHT - THE HUMAN SIGNS - how to hold the gods back

BOOK NINE - THE FORTUNE - What we can expect

BOOK TEN - THE DARKNESS - a mighty prayer the gods fail.  And a journal of the days of terror as Abdul writes his tome.  He can feel the cult of Cthulhu closing in on him.



Copyright @ 1995,1997, 2002 Miskatonic University Press / yankeeclassi.com