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After returning from Europe and the demise of a love affair, Robert Chambers began to turn from painting to writing.  His first two books were books of short stories reflecting his moods.  These stories appeared in fiction periodicals of the day and captured the fancy of the female audience, inspiring him to shift completely to writing.  His book of stories "In the Quarter" had been issued anonymously.  After the success of the magazine stories which comprised "The King in Yellow" and its 1895 publication, "In the Quarter" was re-released indicating the author (Robert W. Chambers, the author of The King in Yellow) to boost and continue sales of the title.  
The Twentieth Century - During this period, fiction periodicals were booming.  Chambers became a staple for magazines, especially the Saturday evening Post which ran his stories and serials almost weekly.  .
The Teens -  .
The Twenties- .
The Thirties .
The Forties - After his death, the tales of Robert W. Chambers quickly went out of style.  .
2001- The 21st Century .
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