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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 7:00 PM



by Victor Erice

kanal(1973) In Castilla around 1940, just after the Spanish Civil War,, a traveling movie theatre brings James Whale's black and white film classic "Frankenstein" (1931) to a small village. Two young girls, Isabel and Ana, are subsequently determined to find the monster themselves.

The film has been called a "bewitching portrait of a child’s haunted inner life" and many regard it as one of the greatest Spanish films ever made. The film is rife with symbolism and the disintegration of the family's emotional life can be seen as symbolic of the emotional disintegration of the Spanish nation during the civil war. Critic Tony Rayns described The Spirit of the Beehive as "a haunting mood piece that dispenses with plot and works its spells through intricate patterns of sound and image"


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