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Robert W. Chambers

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In the Quarter
1894, F. Tennyson Neely, Neely's Prismatic Library, New York & Chicago.

Early autobiographical, life in Paris 1886-93. 2 p.l., 7-314 p. 20 cm. Gilt top .

 London, Chatto & Windus, 1895. First English edition. 12mo. Original brown cloth blocked in gray and black. Top edge gilt. 314pp. followed by a 6 page publisher's catalogue. 

Constable London 1914

First edition was anonymous. The book was reissued in his name when The King in Yellow became popular.  Chambers had written this in Munich in 1887.  (Someone said "it might yield a libretto for another 'La Bohême.'")


The King in Yellow

The Repairer of Reputations
The Mask
In the Court of the Dragon
The Yellow Sign
The Demoiselle d'Ys
The Prophets' Paradise
The Street of Four Winds
The Street of the First Shell


1895, F. Tennyson Neely, Neely's Prismatic Library, New York & Chicago.

316 p., horror story collection. 



New York: Harper's 1902.

The king in yellow
London : Archibald Constable, 1909.
London: reissue / as "new illustrated edition" illus by Balliol Salmon, 6 b/w glossy plates incl frontis w/ tissue guard .

.Chambers' masterpiece of supernatural short stories, said to be a major influence on Lovecraft's writing. Interconnected tales about the dire events that befall several people who have read a play called "The King in Yellow."

There have been many reprints of this book.  For information about the early editions follow this LINK
The Red Republic: a Romance of the Commune
1895, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York.

Red Rerublic Putnams

Franco-Prussian war. viii, 475 p. 20 cm.  . .A. L. Burt reprint white on green cloth without red and gold printing

Third of quartet with Lorraine, Ashes of Empire, and The Maids of Paradise.  The quarter tells of
Franco-Prussian War events -- the Declaration of War, Sedan, the eventual surrender of Paris, and the ensuing conditions with young Americans as their heroes.  (HFG-2628-3)

In the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War, insurrection in the streets of Paris leads to the establishment of "The Commune" run by students, intellectuals, and street thugs, a revolutionary government that rules and runs Paris for bloody months as the traditional government looks on and does nothing. The hero of the story is an American painter who must defend the sister of a dead friend from criminals in the ruling revolutionary party who are after her family's diamonds. The first part of the book is fast paced and runs away with the reader. It is as action packed as "The Flaming Jewel", one of Chambers' best books. This book is very well researched. Chambers states that he saw the records of the Commune and interviewed members of both sides of the conflict. This means that the research for this book was completed before he left Paris in 1893.

Chabmers book

picture avaiable        
Master And Man by Count Leo Tolstoi ~1895~ First Printing ~ F. Tennyson Neely. New York and Chicago. 1895. Buckram. 155 pages. Translated from the original Russian. Introduction by Robert W. Chambers. One of the master Tolstoy's later offerings.
The Maker of Moons


1896, Putnam's

Horror story collection. 4 p.l., 401 p. front. 19 cm. 

"The Maker of Moons," "A Pleasant Evening," "Black Water," "The Boy's Sister," "The Crime," "In the Name of the Most High," "The Man at the Next Table," "The Silent Land."

. Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, N. Y., 1969. Arno Press, N. Y., 1977


A King and a Few Dukes; a Romance
1896, Putnam's.

Opéra-bouffe. v p., 1 l., 363 p. 19 cm.



. .1896 Knickerbocker Press, blue cloth

Decorated blue cloth. 363 pp. An old book catalog description is tipped inside the back cover. 
With the Band
1896, Stone & Kimball, N. Y.

Poetry collection. xi, 134 p., 1 l. 18 cm. 

A book of rollicking verse.

.. .
The Mystery of Choice


1897, Appleton

Horror story collection. 1 p.l., v-ix, 288 p. 17 cm. 

"The Purple Emperor," "The White Shadow," "The Messenger," "The Key to Grief," "Envoi," "A Matter of Interest," "Passeur," "Pompe Funèbre."


.. Harper, London & N. Y., 1898. Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, N. Y., 1969.
Lorraine; a Romance
1898, Harpers & Brothers, New York

Franco-Prussian war. x p., 1 l., 339 p. 20 cm. 
5" x 7-1/2".
. Harper & Brothers, 1906.

A. L. Burt, 

First of quartet with Ashes and Empire, The Red Republic, and the Maids of Paradise.  The quartet tells of Franco-Prussian War events -- the Declaration of War, Sedan, the eventual surrender of Paris, and the ensuing conditions with young Americans as their heroes.  (HFG-2628-1)
Ashes of Empire; a Romance


1898, Frederick A. Stokes Co., New York.

Franco-Prussian war.

Copyright 1901, by
International Association of Newspapers and Authors
342 Page 



3rd ed. same year, same publisher.

Ashes of empire.
London : Macmillan, 1898

1901 - IANA (Interantional Association of Newspapers and Authors) Brown cloth with white hearts.  342 pages.

Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1898. 342 pages. Size 7 1/2" x % 1/4", weight 1 lb 2 oz


Second of quartet with Lorraine, The Red Republic and the Maids of Paradise.  The quartet tells of Franco-Prussian War events -- the Declaration of War, Sedan, the eventual surrender of Paris, and the ensuing conditions with young Americans as their heroes.  (HFG-2628-2)  In Ashes of Empire a group of dashing young Americans assist the Empress Eugénia to escape, hat and all, from Paris.

From the brown IANA version  with white hearts: AUTHOR'S PREFACE: ..(same as G&D but includes).....The fourth volume, dealing with the southern invasion of France, co-eval with the siege, and concerning the operations of the famous Army of the Loire, will be added to the series at a later date, thus completing the entire period between June, 1870, and May, 1871.

Preface: The author's intention was to write a series of three novels covering the period of the Franco-Prussian war and the Commune. The last of the series, "The Red Republic," was written first; the first of the series, "Lorraine," was next written. The present volume, "Ashes of Empire", is the middle volume of the triad, dealing with the period of the siege of Paris from the disaster of Sedan to the surrender of the city. As 'Lorraine' began with the first rumours and then the declaration of war, and foreshadowing the siege of Paris, ended with Sedan, so the present volume foreshadows the communistic outbreak that was certain to follow the surrender of the city, and ends just as the red rag of revolt is hoisted over the war-sick capital. (Ed: A fourth volume Maids of Paradise was published in 1903)

The Haunts of Men

Ambassador Extraordinary
Another Good Man
The Collector of the Port
Enter the Queen
The God of Battles
International Affair
A Little Misery
Smith's Battery
The Whisper
Yo Espero

1898, Stokes

Romantic short story collection. 5 p.l., 3-302 p. 19 cm.  ..

The haunts of men.
London : James Bowden, 1899.

Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, N. Y., 1969.

Outsiders; an Outline
1899, Stokes.

Early autobiographical, unsuccessful social satire. 3 p.l., 301 p. 19 cm.  .

2nd ed. same year, same publisher.

Outsiders : an outline.
London : Grant Richards, 1900.

A novel ridiculing American culture, architecture, Bohemianism, and especially writers.
Unknown Short Story
1899, Christian Herald of New York

The Best Things from American Literature.  . Le Bougret by Robert W. Chambers, page 175
1899 Victorian era collection of short stories from the best writers of the day book was e.dited by Irving Bacheller and was published by the Christian Herald of New York.  The book has a nice illustrated cover in great condtion book is 7 x 9 inchs with 416 pages filled with writers like Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert W. Chambers, Stephen Crane, Julia Ward Howe, Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a wonderful antique book titled "Best Things From American Literature, edited by Irving Bacheller, including numerous unique and original Illustrations, including facsimile Reproductions of Author's MSS. Published by The Christian Herald, New York 1899. First edition. This book contains 416 pages. Some of the great authors included are: Edgar Allan Poe, Gilbert Parker, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Julia Ward Howe, Robert Chambers, Bayard Taylor, General Lew Wallace, Fitz James O'Brien, Richard Harding Davis, Clinton Ross, Stephen Crane, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and many more too numerous to list!
The Cambric Mask; a Romance
1900, Stokes.

Romantic short stories. .

The cambric mask : a romance.
London : Macmillan, 1900.

The Cambric Mask: a romance. London: Fisher Urwin, 1926. in the Popular Edition series.

This is identified as a romance though with elements of the KKK involved in a kidnapping and greedy locals intent on gaining their way as the railroad pushes through their locality, it is also an adventure story.
The Conspirators; a Romance
1900, Harpers, New York

Opéra-bouffe. 5 p. l., 265 [1] p. front., plates. 20 cm. Illustrated. . .
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