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Cardigan; a Novel
1901, Harpers.

Cardigan series, American colonial days. 6 p. l., 512, [1] p. front., plates. 20 cm. Illustrated.  Originally appeared in serial form in Harper's Monthly Magazine A. L. Burt reprint with Fort cover.

Harper & Brothers, N. Y. & London, ca. 1930, vi p., 1 l., 423, [1] p. incl. illus., plates. col. front. 23 cm. Illustrated by Pitz, Henry C

Armed Services Edition


First of four novels set around New York State, Sir William Johnson, Walter Butler, and Indian conspiracies during the Revolutionary War and the first of two books (The Maid-at-Arms) on the Johnson family showing strained relations between the British, colonists, and Indians.  (HFG-3373-1)

18-year old Michael Cardigan, nephew of the colonial Commissioner of Indian Affairs, finds himself entrusted with serious missions, torn by an inner struggle between his inherited loyalty to the Crown, his gradual veering of sympathy to the Colonists, and his devotion to his kinsman's duty to his charges the Indians. A vivid and tense story of the period, with a thread of romance skilfully interwoven.

1930 reprint of 1901 editon As An enthralling story of the bitter struggle in the colonies preceding the War of Independence for the adherence of the Indians. cover ill - Frontiersman meeting an Indian in the woods & 36 great illustrations by Henry Pitz. 1774, and the bitter struggle in the American colonies preceding the War Of Independence. A vivid and tense story of Michael Cardigan the nephew of Sir William Johnson, commissioner of Indian affairs and all the machinations of the time.

Armed Services Edition: "Overseas edition for the Armed Forces. Distributed by the Special Services Division. A.S.F., for the Army and by the Bureau of Naval Personnel for the navy. U.S. Government property Not for Sale. Published by Editions for the Armed Services, Inc. a non-profit organization established by the Council on Books in Wartime."

The Maid-at-Arms; a Novel
1902, Harpers.

Cardigan series. vi, [1] p., 2 l., 342, [1] p. front., pl. 20 cm. Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy.  . The maid-at-arms.
Westminster : Archibald Constable, 1902.
Second of four novels set around New York State, Sir William Johnson, Walter Butler, and Indian conspiracies during the Revolutionary War.  Second of two books (Cardigan) on the Johnson family showing strained relations between the British, colonists, and Indians.  (HFG-3373-2)

Some of the stories in the book are:
and more.


1902, Harpers.



Children's book.


. Harper & Brothers, 1923
     OUTDOORLAND—STORIES FOR CHILDREN, was written by ROBERT W. CHAMBERS in 1902 with this edition being published in 1923.The book measures 9 3/4” X 7 1/2” X 1 1/2” thick and contains 312 pages.
     Pages are printed on standard book paper and the pages are all tight in the binding. Pages were not trimmed on all sides by the publisher.  Covers are black linenweave laminated on heavy board with a printed COLOR TIP-ON attached to the front cover with GOLD printing of a frame around the tip-on, the book title and author’s name. Book title and author’s name were also printed on the spine. 

Appleton, 1931, 4 p.l., 311, [1] p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 24 cmHardcover w/pastedown illustration, published by Harper & Brothers 1923, 312 pages, measures 7-1/4" x 9-3/4".

Quoting from the 1923 Introduction: ”GERALDINE and PETER sat on a bench in the orchard sharing a spelling-book between them; the French Governess sat on the grass, her broad back propped against a fat apple tree, her spectacles low on her nose. “B, I,-bi-OL-ol-O-o-GY-gy, Biology,” said Peter and Geraldine in sleepy sing-song. Then they waited, eyes fixed on the next word in the spelling-book. But the French Governess said nothing; her spectacles slipped lower on her nose, her head wagged. “She’s going to sleep again.” whispered Geraldine." “It isn’t our fault,” said Peter. “Spell the next word softly. Now! Together” ”You know that our spelling together always makes her sleepy. I think we ought to spell very loudly----“ “It is bad manners to speak loudly,” said Peter. The Orchard was warm; the transparent green shadows spread a cool carpet under boughs that swept the grass.
     “I wonder,” said Peter, how many things there are in the world?” “what kinds?” asked Geraldine. “Oh all kinds of kinds.”----“There are so many kinds of things—like birds, and squirrels, and toads, and butterflies, and fishes---so many, many things,” continued Peter. “And I wonder why?”--------- Geraldine, why are you afraid of something every time you are Outdoors?” “I’m not, “ said Geraldine; “I only find it tiresome watching for Ants and Spiders.” And so begins the introduction of the two children to all of the creatures that live in the OUTDOORS.

The book was ILLUSTRATED in COLOR by REGINALD BIRCH & ELIZABETH SHIPPEN GREEN. The book contains 21 of their FULL COLOR illustrations along with many B&W illustrations.

RE: the 1931 printing:  The adventures of Peter and Geraldine in Outdoorland and River-Land as they discover the milk-weed butterfly, the brook trout, the green frog, the grass snake, the robin, the spider, the yellow butterfly, Sindbad the grasshopper, Pete Tip-up, the marsh-hawk, the outlaw (mosquito), and the wood-duck. Explore Orchard-Land and learn about the woodchuck, the dragon-fly, the blue-jay, the big green caterpillar, the wasps, the chipmunk, and the bat. Beautiful 22 (includes frontispiece) full-color, whole-page plates, as well as black-and-white drawings throughout.

1903, Harpers.

Children's book. . .
The Maids of Paradise; a Novel
1903, Harpers.

Franco-Prussian war. 1 p.l., v-vi, 387, [1] p. 20 cm. 

Copyright: 1902 (published September 1903)
Publisher: Harper and Brothers, New York. Hardback; 7 5/8 X 5 inches; 388 pages;
It is illustrated with 8 black and white plates, including the frontispiece. Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) was a prolific writer and a trained artist. However, none of the art work is credited to him. Three of the plates are Reproduced by permission of Goupil & Co., of Paris

McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie, 1902 ?


Fourth of a quarter of novels set in the Franco-Prussian War with young Americans as their heroes.  Contains excellent descriptions of calvary charges during the Franco-Prussian War.  (HFG-2629)
Short Stories c1903 Harper's      
  A fine collection of articles from Harper's;very nicely illustrated-some in color,a few in half-tone and many in black and white;no dates are given;there are vol.nos.under some articles such as: Vol.CIX-No.654-119;there is a tribute to Ralph Waldo Emerson at the end with his death date 1903 so it had to have been published after that;definitely Victorian type writings;a few examples:LOVE THE DESTROYER & FIRST AID TO KITTIE JAMES by Elizabeth Jordan,THE PREACHERS SON,by Brand Whitlock,LITTLE GIRL AFRAID OF A DOG,by Mary Wilkins Freeman,THE THOUSAND QUILT by Annie Hamilton Donnell, ACHILLES GOES TO CHICAGO,by Jeanette Lee,THE FUGITIVE by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews, AN EXCEEDING HIGH MOUNTAIN by Margaret Deland,THE FIRE WARDEN by Robert W.Chambers,THE CAPTURE OF ANDY PROUDFOOT by Grace Macgowan Cooke,JONATHAN AND DAVID by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
In Search of the Unknown
1904, Harper's & Brothers, New York.

Sci-fi/fantasy story collection. 4 p.l., 285, [1] p. col. front. 20 cm. 



A. Constable, London, 1905.

Hyperion Press, Westport, C. T., 1974, introduction by Sam Moskowitz, 285 p. front. 23 cm., reprint of first edition. Greenwood Press, Westport, C. T., 1985, 285 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. 4 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

Note: Titles given to certain chapters by E. F. Bleiler: "The Harbor-Master," "In Quest of the Dingue," "Is the Ux Extinct?"

The farcical adventures of a young zoologist searching in various parts of the world for specimens of prehistoric or mythical animals and for love; in each case he loses the specimen and the girl. The introduction attempts to make a case for Chambers, one of the best-selling novelists of his time, as an important writer of SF, but these slick-magazine stories are quite routine both as SF and as romantic comedy.

Features a tissue protected frontispiece, and a striking pictorial binding of a blindfolded man being pursued by a ghostlike figure. Bleiler listed collection of 25 stories, most of which are science fiction, the rest are supernatural. This title, like THE KING IN YELLOW, rank as this prolific author's best work. An important early science fiction book.

River-land; a Story for Children
1904, Harpers.

Children's book. 5 p.l., 91, [1] p. col. front., 7 col. pl., port. 25 cm. Illustrated. .
Peter and Geraldine meet the denizens of Riverland, a charming and instructive tale...

A Young Man in a Hurry, and Other Short Stories
1904, Harpers.

Romantic short stories. 

New York, London, Harper & brothers, 1904.  vii, 283, [1] p. front., 7 pl. 20 cm.


. Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, N. Y., 1969.
Stories: "The Fire-Warden," "In Nauvoo," "The Market-Hunter," "Marlitt's Shoes," "One Man in a Million," "Pasque Florida," "The Pathmaster," "A Pilgrim," "The Shining Band," "Young Man in a Hurry."
The Reckoning
1905, Appleton.

Cardigan series. xx, 386 p. front., 5 pl. 20 cm. 

Effects of the Revoution on the wealthy landowners of New York state.  (HFG-3377)

. A. Wessels company, N. Y., 1907, 1 p.l., vii-viii p., 1 l., xiii-xx, 386 p. front., plates. 20 cm.
The Reckoning is the last of the Cardigan series. The hero, Carus Renault, is a spy for both sides though his leaning is toward the rebels.  Capt. Walter Butler has evidence to hang Ranault and is only thwarted by Elsin Gray, a women both men lust for though Butler has secretly married despite his real marriage to Lyn Montour. Renault escapes leaving Elsin behind to stop the destruction of the Iroquois Longhouse, for he is an adopted Sachem of the Oneida Wolf Clan, the only tribe of the Longhouse to side with the rebels. With one Oneida warrior and Lyn Montour, the half breed wife that Butler has put aside, Renault faces the council at Thendara to stop the punishment of the Oneida Clan. Renault returns in time to fight one battle as a Captain defending Johnstown.  At long last, Walter Butler,  meets his just end. Lyn Montour's honor is restored when Jack Mount, the bandit hero of the Revolution, marries her. Carus Renault and Elsin Gray and Heroine are able to marry at last and the war comes to an end.

First two paragraphs of the preface: The author's intention is to treat, in a series of four or five romances, that part of the war for independence which particularly affected the great landed families of northern New York: the Johnsons, represented by Sir William, Sir John, Guy Johnson, and Colonel Claus: the notorious Butlers, father and son: the Schuylers, Van Rensselaers, and others.

The first romance of the series, Cardigan, was followed by the second, The Maid-at Arms. The third in order is not completed. The fourth is the present volume.
paper back version
1905, Appleton.

Children's book. vii, 118 p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 25 cm. . Reissued in 1909 by Appleton as Hide and Seek in Forest-land.
Written by Robert W. Chambers and illustrated by Emile Benson Kipe. Published in 1905 by D. Appleton and Company, New York. Book meaures 9.5" X 7.5" (approx.)

1905, Appleton.

Satire. Illustrated. xvii, [1], 142 p. incl. col. front., illus. 3 col. pl. 20 cm. Appeared first serially in the Saturday Evening Post. Later became a successful musical comedy. Appleton, 1910, xiii, 3, 142 p. incl. col. front., illus. col. plates. 20 cm.
A novel was supposed to be a lampoon Elbert Hubbard of the Roycrofters.  The real model was Aristide Bruant, a Parisian diseur (for Bruant see Toulouse-Lautrec, by Gerstle Mack)  A musical comedy of this novel was produced in 1913.

"Simplicity," breathed Guilford--"a single blossom against 
a background of nothing at all."
The American Classical Romance
(The Reckoning)

. . .

Here are ten volumes from THE AMERICAN CLASSICAL ROMANCE series. They are: 1) The Heart's Highway, a romance of Virginia by Mary E. Wilkins, copyright 1900, 2) None But the Brave, a romance of the Revolution by Hamlen Sears, copyright 1901/1902, 3) Old Creole Days by George W. Cable, copyright 1879, 1881,1883, 4) The Luck of Roaring Camp by Bret Harte, copyright 1871 and 1899, 5) The Battleground, a romance of the War of the Rebellion by Ellen Glasgow, copyright 1902, 6) The Bow of Orange Ribbon, a romance of New York by Amelia E. Barr, copyright 1886, 7) The Colonel Carter of Cartersville by F. Hopkinson Smith, copyright 1891, 8) The Road to Frontenac, a romance of early Canada, copyright 1901, 9) The Reckoning by Robert W. Chambers, copyright 1905, 10) Standish of Standish, a story of the Pilgrims by Jane G. Austin, copyright 1899.
Short Story Classics
Volume 4, 1905
An appearance of the short story "The Tree of Heaven" in volume 4 of this series.  

Authors include: Joseph A. Altsheler Henry Harland Henry Wallace Phillips Clara Morris Richard Harding Davis Mary Stewart Cutting Samuel Hopkins Adams Virginia Tracy Jack London Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Ambrose Bierce
Guy Wetmore
O. Henry
Joel Chandler Harris


Robert W. Chambers

SHORT STORY CLASSICS Volume Four Edited By William Patten Copyright 1905 and published by P. F. Collier & Son, New York. Measures 8.2" x 5.7" x 1.2" 351 pages. 

After the Battle................Joseph A Alstheler
Rosemary for Rememberance ............... Henry Harland
A Red-Haired Cupid .................... Henry Wallace Phillips
The Wild Horse of Tartary ............. Clara Morris
A Derelict ............... Richard Harding Davis
The Happiest Time............Martha Stewart Cutting
Such as Walk in Darkness ..................... Samuel Hopkins Adams
The Lotus Eater s..............Virginia Tracy
For the Love of a Man ................Jack London
The Hall Bedroom ................ Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
The Damned Thing ................. Ambrose Bierce
The NExt Corner...............Guy Wetmore Caryl
the Phonograph and the Graft............O. Henry
Brother Rabbits Cradle .................. Joel Chandler Harris
The Tree of Heaven ................... Robert W. Chambers

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