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The Common Law


1911, Appleton.

common law

Charles Dana Gibson series. viii p., 1 l., 535, [1] p. incl. illus., plates. front. 20 cm.

ad touting exclusive right for 
Hearst's Cosmopolitan to 
Robert W. Chambers's work 
during 1911

The Common Law originally ran as a serial in Hearst's Cosmopolitan Magazine beginning in november, 1910 through October, 1911

Eleven chapters

In 1911, the novel was on the year's top 10 best seller list.  First in a series of books illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson.  It was also the most filmed of the author's work with films made in 1916, 1923, and 1931 and reprinte in many different cloth covers.

Opening line: There was a long, brisk, decisive ring at the door. He continued working. After an interval the bell rang again, briefly, as though the light touch on the electric button had lost its

                                               Two page spread illustration by Charles Dana Gibson

photoplay edition of 1931 with picture frontispiece of Constance bennett and Joel McCrea
"John Neville after a quarrel with Valerie West, realizes that he loves her."
The Adventures of a Modest Man
1911, Appleton.

Romantic short stories. Illustrated by Edmund Frederick. . .
Blue-bird Weather


1912, Appleton.

Romantic novelette/s. 4 p l., 140, [1] p. incl. plates (partly double) front. 20 cm.  illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson Serialized in Cosmopolitan .

The Streets of Ascalon


1912, Appleton.

Charles Dana Gibson series. 

The last of Chambers' New York society novels.

Serialized in Cosmopolitan. .


1912, Appleton.

Charles Dana Gibson series. x, 384, [3] p. incl. plates. front. 20 cm. Serialized as The Turning Point in Cosmopolitan  A. L. Burt Co., N. Y., 1914, 2 p.l., 346, [1] p. front., plates. 20 cm.
The Gay Rebellion


1913, Appleton.

Sci-fi/satire stories. Illustrated by Edmund Frederick. 8 p. l., 299 p. front., illus., plates. 20 cm. . The MaCaulay Company 1913 - Illustrated by Edmund Frederick - 297 pages - red cloth, black lettering.

Arno Press, N. Y., 1975, 297 p. illus. 22 cm. Reprint of the first edition.

by Robert W. Chambers
1913 Appleton & Company first edition hardback book, 299 pages, four full-page glossy-paper art plates with illustrations by Edmund Frederick & numerous vignettes throughout text (charming illos of women with signs and slogans saying "votes for women;" one with a woman looking snootily over a man in a net, and a rock nearby that says “votes for women”), pictorial paper inlay on the front cover with an illustration by John Rae, Bleiler checklist.

A comic science fiction novel of eugenics & a near future time when women rule the world from the landmark author of The King in Yellow, A Maker of Moons, The Cambric Mask, The Haunts of Men, In Search of the Unknown, and The Gay Rebellion. His weird fiction is intimately connected with H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos - introducing such manifestations as Hali, Carcosa, and Hastur.

"These stories, mademoiselle, as your intuition tells you, are for old-fashioned young people only; and should be read in the Golden Future, some snowy evening by the fire after a home dinner a deux. Your predestined husband, mademoiselle, is to extend his god-like figure upon a sofa, with an ash-tray convenient. You are to do the reading, curled up in the big velvet wing-chair, with the lamp at your left elbow and the fender under your pretty feet.
As for me, I shall venture to smile at you now and then from the printed page - but with discretion, mademoiselle, not inconveniencing your party a deux. For, to be rid of me, you have merely to close this book."

"The year had been, as everybody knows, a momentous and sinister year for the masculine sex; marriages and births in the United States alone had fallen off nearly eighty per cent.; the establishment of Suffragette Unions in every city, town, and village of the country, their obedience to the dictation of the Central National Female Franchise Federation; the financial distress of the florists, caterers, milliners and modistes incident to the almost total suspension of social functions throughout the great cities of the land, threatened eventually to paralyse the nation's business."
The Business of Life
1913, Appleton.

Charles Dana Gibson series. viii, 517, [1] p. incl. illus., plates. front. 20 cm. Serialized in Cosmopolitan .
Quick Action


1914, Appleton.

316 p., marginally fantastic romantic short stories. Illustrated by Edmund Frederick. 7 p.l., 315, [1] p. front., illus., plates. 20 cm. . .
The Hidden Children

1: The Bedford Road
2: Poundridge
3: View Halloo!
4: A Tryst
5: The Gathering
6: The Spring Waiontha
7: Lois
8: Old Friends
9: Mid-summer
10: In Garrison
11: A Scout of Six
12: At The Ford
13: The Hidden Children
14: Nai Tioga!
15: Block-house No. 2
16: Lana Helmer
17: The Battle of Chemung
18: The Rite of The Hidden Children
19: Amochol
20: Yndaia
21: Chinisee Castle
22: Mes Adieux


1914, Appleton.

Illustrated by A. I. Keller. xv, p. 1 l., 650 [1] p. front., plates. 19 cm.


PUBLISHER: D. Appleton & Company, 1914. No dust jacket. Hardcover: red cloth with stamped gold letters on front cover and spine. Illustrations consist of four brown tinted plates on glossy paper. Over 5 in x 7 ½ in tall, 651 pp.

Serialized in Cosmopolitan. .
Cardigan series. Third of four novels set around New York State, Sir William Johnson, Walter Butler, and Indian conspiracies during the Revolutionary War

THE HIDDEN CHILDREN by Robert W. Chambers. c. 1914. Published by Grosset & Dunlap.  Romance story. 651 pages total. 22 chapters.

Part of the Author's Preface:

"No undue liberties with history have been attempted in this romance. Few characters in the story are purely imaginary. Doubtless the fastidious reader will distinguish these intruders at a glance, and very properly ignore them. For they, and what they never were, and what they never did, merely sugar-coat a dose disguised, and gild the solid pill of fact with tinselled fiction.

But from the flames of Poundridge town ablace, to the rolling smoke of Catharines-town, Romance but limps along a trail hewed out for her more dainty feet by History, and measured inch by inch across the bloody archives of the nation."

Also includes some interesting letters received by the author relating to the authorship of the patriotic verses quoted in Chapter X. These letters are published here-with for the general reader as well as for students of American history.

Also includes 2 poems:  The Long House & Nene Karenna.

Opens with: The day Sir William died

RWC Collection
Anne's Bridge
1914, Appleton.

Romantic novelette/s. Illustrated by Henry Hutt. . .
Between Friends
1914, Appleton.

Romantic novelette/s. 3 p.l., 142, [1] p. front., illus., plates. 19 cm.

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King Albert's Book
1914, Hearst's International Library, NY King Albert's Book: A Tribute to the Belgian King and People From Representative Men and Women Throughout the World. Published by Hearst's International Library, NY in 1914. The book measures 11" X 8 1/2" and has 188 numbered pages.
This book was published as "A tribute to the Belgian King and people from representative men and women throughout the world". The purpose of the book was to raise funds for Belgian War Relief.


Profusely illustrated with full-page black and white plates as well as full color tipped in plates from paintings by Edmund Dulac, Harrison Fisher, Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, and others. There are also musical scores by Claude Debussy, Sir Edward Elgar, and others, a poem by Rudyard Kipling, a short-short story by John Galsworthy, and notes from Robert W. Chambers, Sarah Bernhardt, amongst many, many notable others.
Who Goes 
There !

In the Mist
The Man in Grey
Bad Dreams
Mr. and Mrs
The Satchel
At Sea
H.M.S. Wyvern
In the Rain
The Day of Wrath
Her Enemy
In Confidence
The Forest Listens
Her First Campaign
Lesse Forest
The Liar
Befor Dinner
Driven Game
Candle Light
A Personal Affair
Who Goes There
Amicus Dei


1915, Appleton.

World War I. Illustrated by A. I. Keller. ix, [1] p., 1 l., 339, [1] p. col. front., illus., plates. 20 cm. . A. L. Burt Co., N. Y., ca. 1915, ix, [1], 339, [1] p. front. 20 cm.


1915, Appleton.

405 p., marginal sci-fi/fantasy novel. Serialized in Cosmopolitan A. L. Burt Co., N. Y., 1917.
Chamber's Athalie fantasy novel is set in New York City and concerns a young paranormal woman who has premonitions, visions and mental telepathy. "A shocker in it's day. A weak willed rich man marries the wrong women to please his mother. He lives in sin with his clairvoyant lover, who dies in childbirth. They are reunited in the afterlife."

When Mrs. Greensleeve first laid eyes on her baby she knew it was different from the other children.
"What is the matter with it?" she asked.
The preoccupied physician replied that there was nothing the matter. In point of fact he had been admiring the newly born little girl when her mother asked the question.
"She's about as perfect as they make 'em," he concluded, placing the baby beside her mother.
The mother said nothing. From moment to moment she turned her head on the pillow and gazed down at her new daughter with a curious, questioning expression.
Her husband, who had been wandering about from the bar to the office, from the office to the veranda, and occasionally entirely around the exterior of the roadhouse, came in on tiptoe and looked rather vacantly at them both.
Then he went out again as though he was not sure where he might be going. He was a little man and mild, and he did not look as though he had been created for anything in particular, not even for the purpose of procreation ...
Police !!!


1915, Appleton.

Sci-fi/satire stories. Illustrated. xiii, [1] p., 4 l., 3-292, 1 p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 19 cm.

"Eggs of the Silver Moon," "The Immortal," "The Ladies of the Lake," "One Over," "Un Peu d'Amour," "The Third Eye."

Read POLICE!!!

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"Police!!!" is a volume of xenobiology, cryptozoology, weird monsters, and strange relics from the fossil eras; things which ought never to have walked upon the face of this earth. But they have walked, and one man has seen them and told the world, only to cause a certain madness among the people. 
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Irvin Cobb: His Book 1915

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