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The Tracer of Lost Persons
1906, Appleton.

Sci-fi/fantastic story collection. Illustrated. 5 p.l., 293 p. front., 5 pl. 20 cm. 

This novel, about a sentimental detective taking on varous cases of missing persons, became long running radio series - Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons.

. John Murray, London, 1907. Amalgamated Press, London, 1911.
Westrel Keen was created by Robert Chambers and appeared in The Tracer of Lost Persons (1906), and if he isn't the source for the much-better-known Mister Keen, the main character in the "Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons" radio show, I'll eat my hat. It's fairly obvious, I suppose, except that I've never seen anything in print or on the 'Net about Chambers' work being the source for the radio show.
          Westrel Keen is a "sleepy-looking elderly gentleman" who runs Keen & Co., the "Tracers of Lost Persons" agency. They "are prepared to locate the whereabouts of anybody on earth." And they do mean anybody; not only will they look for and find someone's ideal woman (or man), they will also find the human version of someone's idealized woman (in one story they help the creator of a Gibson Girl-like creation find the human equivalent), and will even help one lovestruck adventurer restore a centuries-comatose Egyptian woman to life. Keen & Co. are a well-staffed company full of clever young women and informants on every level of society and in every country in the world. Their files are incredibly detailed, and it seems that there is no one that Keen & Co. do not have information on or cannot get information about.
          Mr. Keen himself is suspiciously intelligent and well-informed; in one story he casually reveals that he is an expert Egyptologist and in another he off-handedly mentions that he has cracked hundreds of the most difficult cyphers, leaving the impression that there are many other fields in which he is an expert, but that he is not usually called upon to reveal his knowledge. He has reduced the "superficial muscular phenomena and facial symptomatic aspect" of people to a system so that he can automatically tell what a person is feeling and when they are in love. Mr. Keen is also well-educated in the occult, although he is clearly interested only in those things that can help people; he is not fazed by the idea of two soul-mates connecting psychically before they ever meet physically, and in fact helps identify the other soul-mate and then arrange the meeting.  Likewise, when confronted by the long-slumbering Pharaonic Egyptian woman, Keen has little difficulty in finding the incantation that will awaken her. He is so capable and so imperturbable, in fact, that he strikes me as being the obverse and more benign version of Chesterton's The Man Who Was Sunday.  http://www.geocities.com/jjnevins/pulpsk.html
1906, Appleton. New York 

Children's book. ix, 122 p., 1 l. illus., 8 col. pl. (incl. front.) 25 cm. Illustrated by Frederick Richardson and Walter King. Nature-fantasy of the adventures of a boy and girl and their friend, the Red Squirrel. Illustrated with full page color plates by Frederick Richardson and black and white decorations in text by Walter King Stone. Original pictorial boards and illustrated end pages.

One of a series written by Robert W. Chambers, and the only title in the Series Full Color Illustrated by Frederick Richardson (Illustrator of Queen Zixi of IX, 1905, by L. Frank Baum). 122 pages, with Full Color Paste on Front board Pictorial Illustration, ALL 8 FULL COLOR Plates, Numerous Text Decorations by Walter King Stone, & toned Illustrated end papers. A Thoroughly Charming View of Mountain & Sky Life !! 8" x 10"

The Fighting Chance
1906, Appleton.

Problem novel. 5 p. l., 499 p. front., 7 pl. 20 cm. 8 illustrations by A. B. Wenzell.

Contents include: Acquaintence, A Winning Loser, Persuasion, The Seamy Side, The Bargain and more!! 

. T & A Constable, Printers to His Majesty at the Edinburgh University Press.
This novel deals with a man who endangers his life and loves with his alcoholism. The story begins with Mr. Siward, arriving at a train station only to find that he was supposed to arrive at a different train station. A groom from the house he is visiting happens to be there picking up a hunting dog, and finds room for Mr. Siward to ride with Miss Landis, the carriage driver, the dog, and the groom himself. There are 8 pictures included in this 499 page book.

Opening line: The speed of the train slackened; a broad tidal river flashed into sight below the trestle, spreading away on either hand through yellowing level meadows. And now, above the roaring undertone of the cars, from far ahead floated back the treble bell-notes of the locomotive; there came a gritting vibration of the brakes; slowly, more slowly the cars glided to a creaking standstill beside a sun-scorched platform gay with the bright flutter of  sunshades and summer gowns.

The Younger Set
1907, Appleton.

Problem novel. Illustrated by G.C. Wilmshurst. 5 p.l., 513 p. front., plates. 20 cm. 

This novel took up the question of divorce in New York society.

Opening line: "You never met Selwyn, did you?"

Eight chapters.

A. L. Burt Co., N. Y., 1907, 4 p.l., 513 p. front. 20 cm.
The Tree of Heaven
1907, Appleton.

Fantastic/horror story collection. ix, 325 p. front., 3 pl. 20 cm.

"The Bridal Pair," "The Carpet of Belshazzar," "The Case of Mr. Helmer," "Excuria," "The Ghost of Chance," "The Golden Pool," "Out of the Depths," "The Sign of Venus," "The Swastika," "The Tree of Dreams."

. Grossett & Dunlap, N. Y., 1907. A. Constable, London, 1908.

I: The Garden
II: The Ruby-Throat
III: Musca, The Fly IV: King Speckles and King Spots
V: The Caterpillars
VI: The Fish Pond
VII: The Night People 

1907, Appleton.

Children's book. Illustrated by Harrison Cady. 5 p. l., 129 p. col. front., illus., 7 col. pl. 24 x 20 cm.
Garden-Land, from the series by Robert W. Chambers, who also wrote Mountain-Land, Outdoor-Land, etc. Illustrated by Harrison Cady, published in New York D. Appleton and Company 1907. A really delightful children's story with 7 chapters. Chapter I: The Garden. Chapter II: The Ruby-Throat. Chapter III: Musca, The Fly. Chapter IV: King Speckles and King Spots. Chapter V: The Caterpillars. Chapter VI: The Fish Pond. Chapter VII: The Night People.

The first page, which is in one of the photos shown, has been stapled and then the staples removed; maybe someone was really excited about getting their first stapler and then got in trouble for stapling the book and removed them? The book is dedicated to Frederic Cromwell 2nd, copyright 1907 by Robert W. Chambers, published October 1907.




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This ten volume set with dust jackets was originally copyrighted in 1907 by the Bobbs Merrill Company; the Thwing Company later again copyrighted it in 1911.

Handy little volumes (6 3/8" x 4 1/8"), these books contain selections from many of America's favorite writers. Each book has a frontis of one of the contributors.

Among many other authors are:

Henry Ward Beecher
William Cullen Bryant
Robert Chambers
Samuel L. Clemens
Frederick S. Cozzens
Anne Virginia Culberton
William Devere
William Henry Drummond
Edward Eggleston
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Eugene Field
James Montgomery Flagg
Edward Everett Hale
Joel Chandler Harris
Bret Harte
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Emerson Hough
Grizzly-Gru Ironquill
Wallace Irwin
S.E. Kiser
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
James Russell Lowell
William Vaughn Moody
R.K. Munkittrice
Petroleum Nasby
Wilbur Nesbit
Meredith Nicholson
Bill Nye
James Whitcomb Riley
John Saxe
John Philip Sousa
Frank L. Stanton
Bert Leston Taylor
J.T. Trowbridge
Artemus Ward
Carolyn Wells
Walt Whitman
John Greenleaf Whittier
Thomas Ybarra
Some Ladies in Haste
1908, Appleton.


Satire, first chapter is marginally fantastic. xiii, 242 p. incl. front., illus. 3 pl. 20 cm. . Some ladies in haste
London : Archibald Constable, 1908.
Some Ladies In Haste.  By Robert W. Chambers.  D. Appleton And Company, New York, MCMVIII.  Illustrated frontispiece.  Copyright, 1908 by the author, and in 1907 by The Curtis Publishing Company.  Published May, 1908.  Contents include:  The Mischief-Maker; Diana's Chase; An Overdose; A Remedy; A Guilty Man; The Absent-Minded Goddess; A Lady In Haste; Absent Treatment; Sui Generis; and Ex Machina.  Measures 5" by 7 3/4" and has 242 pages. 
The Firing Line

Chapters include:
A Skirmish
A Flank Movement
Terra Incognita
Under Fire
A New Enemy
A Conference
Calypso's Gift

1908, Appleton.

Problem novel. ix, 498 p., 1 l. front., 7 pl. 20 cm. Another tale about divorce in New York society. . Illustrated by Margaret Jervis
  Authors Digest: The World's Great Stories in Brief, Prepared by a Staff of Literary Experts, with the Assistance of Many Living Novelists. Rossiter Johnson, Ph.D., L.L.D., Editor in Chief. Published by the Authors Press, 1908, first edition, over 8,000 pages. There are 20 volumes in this collections, including the Manual of Ready Reference for the set. The books are bound in green cloth with gilt spine lettering and are in about fine condition. See scans, including the first seven volumes of the set. The volumes are clean and unmarked, no owner names, not library discards. The hinges are sturdy and these books have received very little reading usage over the past century of their existence! They look impressive on a bookcase. This is the Monogram Edition with presentation pages from the publishers to the original owner, Roswell Henry Pickford, presented to him by his wife, Kate Ingram Pickford, with signed and sealed notice from the publisher's Registrar, in volume One. Each volume has a fine frontispiece mezzotint, photogravure or another type of beautiful illustration etched or printed on quality paper, with a tissue guard or protective holder, which relates to one of the excerpts in that volume. For example, volume One has a photogravure from The Tower of London by William Harrison Ainsworth. In addition to the large group of worldwide famous authors represented, there are also special contributions from many members of the New York or Boston Authors Clubs, such as Colonel John Jacob Astor, Irving Bacheller, Robert W. Chambers, Richard Harding Davis, Margaret Deland,Frederick Dellenbaugh, Nathan Haskell Dole, George Cary Eggleston, Ellen Glasgow, Anna Katherine Green, John Habberton, Will Harben, Marion Harland, Hildegarde Hawthorne, Andrew Lang, George Barr McCutcheon, Donald Grant Mitchell, Christian Reid, Amelie Rives, Molly Elliot Seawell, Francis Hopkinson Smith, Harriet P. Spofford, Ruth McEnery Stuart, John Townsend Trowbridge, Mary E. Wilkins (Freeman),etc,etc. The Manual of Ready Reference is edited by Marion Mills Miller and contains brief analyses of the world's great stories and analytical indexes of chief elements found therein (some of the pages in this volume only are soiled marginally.) The 19 volumes of extracts from the best authors of the world, past and up to 1908, contain samples from the works of hundreds of famous authors, some examples: Edmund About, Jane Austen, Jane G. Austin, Aphra Behn, Edward Bellamy, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, James Fenimore Cooper, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Charles Lever, Louisa Muhlbach, Dinah Maria Mulock (Mrs. Craik), Charles Reade, Walter Scott, Laurence Sterne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Albion Tourgee, Anthony Trollope, Emile Zola, etc,etc. Also, volume XVIII represents Mythology and Folk-Lore with analytic index, and volume XIX contains a dictionary of biographies of authors represented in this series, and volume XX is a dictionary of Famous Names in Fiction, Drama, Poetry, History, and Art.
Special Messenger
1909, Appleton.

Civil war 1861-1865. Illustrated. 8 p.l., 3-260 p. front., illus., 7 pl. 20 cm.

The exploits of the famous confederate scout and spy - Miss Boyd

. .
The Danger Mark
1909, Appleton.

Problem novel. Illustrated by A. B. Wenzell. vii, [1] p., 1 l., 495, [1] p. front., 7 pl. 20 cm.  . Appleton, 1919, vii, [1], 495, [1] p. 20 cm.
This novel deals with a girl who endangers her life and loves with her alcoholism.

The book begins: All day Sunday they had raised the devil from attic to cellar; Mrs. Farren was in tears, Howker desperate. Not one out of the fifteen servants considered necessary to embellish the Sea Grave establishment could do anything with them after Kathleen Severeness sudden departure the week before. When the telegram announcing her mother's sudden illness summoned young Mrs. Farren to Staten Island, every servant in the household understood that serious trouble was impending for them.
The Green Mouse


I.    An Idyl of the Idle
II.   The Idler
III.  The Green Mouse
IV.   An Ideal Idol
V.    Sacharissa
VI.   In Wrong
VII.  The Invisible Wire
VIII. "In Heaven and Earth"
IX.   A Cross-town Car
X.    The Lid Off
XI.   Betty
XII.  Sybilla
XIII. The Crown Prince
XIV.  Gentlemen of the Press
XV.   Drusilla
XVI.  Flavilla

1910, Appleton.

Sci-fi/satire stories. Illustrated by Edmund Frederick. xiii, 281 p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 20 cm. . .
Ailsa Page
1910, Appleton.

Civil war 1861-1865. 



A. L. Burt Co., N. Y., 1910, 1912.

New York during the firing on Fort Sumter and the gay quality of the first wave of Civil War enthusiasm.  (HFG-4188)  A FICTIONAL STORY OF THE 3RD. ZOUAVES AND THE 8TH LANCERS DURING THE CIVIL WAR
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