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The Man they Hanged
1926, Appleton.

American colonial days, about Captain Kidd. 3 p.l., 416 p. 20 cm. 

Sympathetic account of the notorious Captain Kidd as seen through the eyes of one of his shipmates.  (HFG-2278)

Serialized in Everybody's Magazine 1925/26  .416pp,publisher A.L. Burt,1926……….
The scene of the story is largely laid in old New York, when the city was still a walled town and made up of a small cluster of buildings about the tip of the island around the Battery. Here one sees Kidd, and his wife, Sarah Oort, and the two young people, charming Sancia and gallant Dirck, who afford a note of love romance. As the story unfolds one follows Kidd to the high seas, and in the end to his English prison…………
The Way of Dionysia
[never published in book form]
1926 . The flapper age - Serialized in 1926 by Red Book Magazine. - Never published in book form. .
Memorial Day        
Memorial Day ( Decoration Day ) - Its Celebration, Spirit, And Significance As Related In Prose And Verse, With A Non-Sectional Anthology Of The Civil War, edited by Robert Haven Schauffler, 1926, published by Dodd, Mead, and Company, New York, NY, hardcover, 325 pages, no illustrations, measures about 7 1/2 inches X 5 1/4 inches.

This very scarce book is a library retiree with a few library marks and a card pocket. There is some very minor cover edge wear.There is a white smudge on the spine. The front hinge is slightly split but the pages are tight. There are a few tiny faint foxing stains on a few pages. Otherwise this hard to find book is in Very Good to Excellent condition!!

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"In harmony with the generous non-sectional spirit characterizing our Memorial Day celebration, no discrimination has been shown in this collection between the literature of South and North. For our secular All Souls' Day knows neither North nor South, Blue nor Gray.

The sole discrimination shown has been in selecting from all sources the most beautiful poetry and the most eloquent prose in this first attempt to reveal, from various viewpoints, the tru spirit and significance of the festival and of the events leading thereto.

A war anthology is included."

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This book is a collection of poetry and writings from many different writers. Some include -

Clinton Scollard * Henry Peterson * John Macy * Rupert Hughes * James Whitcomb Riley * Richard Watson Gilder * Louis Imogen Guiney * James A. Garfield ( President ) * Wallace Bruce * Senior Vice Commander Burrage * Paul Laurence Dunbar * Charles Elmer Allison * Charles G. Halpine * Theodore Roosevelt ( President ) * E. P. Thwing * Henry Watterson * Robert G. Ingersoll * William Tecumseh Sherman * Thomas Bailey Aldrich * Oliver Wendell Holmes * Albert Pike * Walt Whitman * John Neal * James Barron Hope * Sam Walter Foss * Thomas Buchanan Read * Lucy Larcom * Catherine M. Warfield * George F. Root * Henry Howard Brownell * Lewis Frank Tooker * Paul Hamilton Hayne * Thomas H. Stacy * Robert W. Chambers * Francis Bret Harte * Julia Ward Howe * Ethel Lynn Beers * George Parsons Lathrop * Michael O'Connor * William Tuckey Meredith * Kate Putnam Osgood * Frank Lee * Elizabeth Akers Allen * George Alfred Townsend * Charles Devens * Henry W. Grady * Henry Timrod * Henry Wadsworth Longfellow * William McKinley ( President ) * Henry Ward Beecher * Ambrose Bierce * Francis Miles Finch * Henry Jerome Stockard * Eliza Calvert Hall * Elizabeth Harrison * Many more...

The Drums of Aulone
1927, Appleton.

American colonial days. 3 p.l., 347, [1] p. 20 cm. 

Set against the Indian Wars in Canada, a French army officer's daughter experiences reflect Mme. de Maintenon's anti-Huegenot influence in the French court.  (HFG-4781)


Serialized as The Fear of God. .
This romance has for its opening scene the France of Louis the Fourteenth, gretest of all French monarchs.  Fighting and brave deeds, court luxury and prison squalor, hope and despair-all have their place in the story as it is told in the peron of Michelle de Maniscamp, a young and spirited French Huguenot girl of the noble house of Aulone.  It is a gay throng that frequents the spendid court of Versailles, where one glimpses Madame de Maintenon, Louis "the Sun King" himself, dashing courtiers and ladies famed for their wit and beauty.
     The action moves to the English court at Whitehall, where the scepter is already slipping from the feeble hold of the ineffectual King James, and then shifts to the New World, where at Quebec are enacted some of the most stirring scenes in a story crammed with movement and life.  "Fearing Gold Alone" is the motto of Michelle's noble house, and to abide by it she suffers persecution and anguish before she attains love and happiness.  This story is a vivid recreation of one of the most illustrious periods of the history of the New World and one of the most significant in that of the New and it is as well a most enchanting romance. "The Drums of Aulone" is a notable achievement.  - D. Appleton and Company ad.

Hodder & Stoughton, London
The Sun Hawk
1928, Appleton.

viii p., 1 l., 342 p. 20 cm.

* Frontenac, Louis de Buade, comte de, 1620-1698 --Fiction.


Serialized in Pictorial Review .
American colonial days, about Louis de Baude, comte de Frontenac, 1620-1698 ? 
The Rogue's Moon
1928, Appleton.

American colonial days. xiv, [1], 274, [1] p. 20 cm. serialized in Liberty Magazine in the U.S. and in Cassell's in the U.K. Appleton, 1929, xiv, [1], 261, [1] p. front., illus., plates. 24 cm. Illustrated by Norman Price.

Nancy Topsfield, daughter of a sea captain killed by pirates, dresses as a boy to war with all pirates. Working as an indentured servant in a pirate tavern, she prevents ruined rich boy John Ross from signing on with Captain Death. Ross turns pirate hunter and the two become involved with famous pirate of the day including Edward Teach, "Blackbeard" himself. 

An arresting collection of tales set during the Age of Piracy and including such luminaries as Captain Kidd, Black-Beard, Mary Read, Calico Jack, and Anne Bonny. "..The east coast of North America was infested by pirates when the Colonies were young. These sea-wolves roamed singly or in packs along the lanes of trade. They came into harbours and took merchant vessels under the noses of enraged governors and horrified citizens. Sometimes they landed and laid a port under contribution. Between the years 1690 and 1720 there were more than two thousand pirates afloat off our coasts between Maine and Florida. On New Providence Island, in the Bahamas, and dreadfully convenient to our coast, more than two thousand more of this sea gentry loafed about to acknowledge the Royal Proclamation, accept the King's pardon, go to sea again in pretense of honest privateering, turn pirate once more at the first opportunity, and end, often, on Execution Dock. This, then, was the situation confronting the sea-board population of America in 1700. New York City had become a stench in the nostrils of England, and was called a pirates' nest. Virginia named the Albemarle Colony, in Carolina, 'Rogue's Bay.' It was a strange century in our country, ruthless and picturesque; and who were rogues and who honest folk, ashore or afloat, is often very difficult to decide.." -- from the author's Foreword.

This work was monitored for radical content by the Department of Research of the Liberty Fund.

The Happy Parrot
1929, Appleton.

War of 1812. vii, 334, [1] p. 20 cm.  . Appleton, 1931, xiii, 347, [1] p. front., illus., plates. 24 cm. Illustrated by Norman Price.
The lively adventures of Eric Strake, the captain of a schooner engaged in the slave trade during the slave trade during the troublesome days preceding the War of 1812.  (HFG-3663)
The Mask and other Stories
1929, Whitman, Racine.

126 p., horror story collection. . Abridged reprint of The King in Yellow.
The Painted Minx

1. Enter Sylvia
2. Fate and Her Star
3. Light Horse
4. Love for Love
5. A May Masque
6. Gentlemen All
7. Nach Philadelphia
8. The Maid's Tragedy
9. The Painted Pagoda
10. Lady for Lady
11. The Painted Minx
12. Curtain Rises

1930, Appleton.

American revolution. xiv, [1] p., 1 l., 306, [1] p. 21 cm. 

Swashbuckler set in old New York during the American Revolution.  Romance of a Tory who waits in British occupied New York during War of 1812 for her colonial lover.  (HFG-3376) 


Serialized in Woman's Home Companion .
Dust Jacket blurb - This gay historical romance is laid in old New York and its neighboring colonies during the brave days of the American revolution. 
     Captivating Marie Guest, leading actress at the famous John Street Theatre and toast of the town, is the heroine, and one of the most enchanting figures in Mr. Chambers' distinguished allery of portraits.  Vivacious, winsome, dashing in manner, Marie is known everywhere as "The Painted Minx."
     Yet her heart is often sad forher lover, a handsome young officer in Washington's amry.  It is around this theme of lovers separated and endangered amid the stir and excitement of war that the author presents one of his most enchanting romances.  THE PAINTED MINX is a story of direct and intense appeal, set against a rich, carefully authenticated background of Eightenth Century life.
The Rake and the Hussy
1930, Appleton.

War of 1812. 3 p.l., 440, [1] p. 21 cm.

Tale of the War of 1812.  Vivid and detailed sketches of people and events during the defense of New Orleans.  (HFG-3664)

Serialized in Liberty Magazine A.L. Burt reprint with green cloth and red printing
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