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War Paint and Rogue

1. The Pretty Savage
2. The Moon Flower Sails
3. As Man to Man
4. As man to Girl
5. Sandi
6. Song of the Souriquois
7. Camp-wench
8. Petite Guerre
9. The Coward
10. Who Die in Vain
11. Magic
12. Following the Drum
13. Under the Moon
14. Savages
15. Waiting
16. Santu
17. The Mystery
18. The Street of the Little Birds
19. The Duchess Slays
20. Pax Gallica
21. The Magpies's Nes
22. Lettre-de-Cachet
23. Firelight
24. Fyr-Falcon
25. The Beginning of the End
26. Honour
27. Arrows
28.Falling Walls
29. The Duchess Weeps

1931, Appleton.


American colonial days, French and Indian war 1755-1763. 5 p.l., 376, [1] p. 20 cm. 

Tale of the French and Indian War.

Serialized in Liberty Magazine


Dust Jacket blurb - To his distinguished list of ramacnes dealing with vital periods of American hsitory, Robert W. Chambers now adds a spirited novel fo French and Indian war times.  Calling up the day when English and American colonists first essayed to seize French territories in this country, and in scenes ranging front Fort Edward and Fort William Henry, New York, to Louisbourg, the French stronghold on Cape Breton Island, Mr. Chambers projects a spirited and refreshing love story.  Its narrative presents,though episodes charged to the full with romantic interest, the experiences of John Cardess, stlwart American-born aide to the English commander, nd the lovely girl who has deserted her place in French court circles to adventure, in disguise, for the fortunes of France in the New World.  The seige of Louisbourg, the Indian sckirmishes, intrigues, gay balls and levees, and like features of American life in the 1750's, together with such interesting personages as General Webb, Sir William Johnson, and the gallant General Wolfe, all contribute to the narrative, which evidences, in their finest development, Mr. Chambers' expert knowledge of history and his power to combine love interest, adventure, and authentic detail for a masterly recreation of America's past.
1931, Appleton.

3 p. l., 363 p. 20 cm. Published serially as Silver Knees. .
War with Mexico, 1845-1848. 

Tale of the Mexican War.  This is a romance, "yet authentically detailed novel with a background of the Mexican War. The story is that of young Captain Maddox and of the beautiful gypsy girl, Gitana". 

Camps in the Woods 1931, Architectural Book Publishing Co., Inc. New York by Augustus D. Shepherd with a foreward by Robert W. Chambers    
Whistling Cat

1. Three Letters
2. Wire Chatter
3. Golden Brook Bridge
4. A Young Man's War
5. April
6. Iris
7. Cutting In
8. Solitude
9. On the Train
10. Flight
11. The Unappreciated
12. Hegira
13. Headquarters
14. Brandy Station
15. The Wildernesss
16. Eastward
17. Rain
18. Chaff
19. Apprehension
20. A Boy's Heart
21. Deadlocked
22. Moonlight
23. Wire Down!
24. Puzzled
25. Fear
26. Guerrilla Worl
27. A Spy Strikes!
28. Suspense
29. Cold Harbour
30. A Crisis
31. The Plumber
32. Dawn and Sunset
33. Left Behind
34. The Limit
35. Hit!
36. A Lighted Door

1932, Appleton.

Civil war 1861-1865. xvi p., 1 l., 379 p. illus. (music) 20 cm. $2.50 Serialized in Liberty Magazine .
Jacket blurb - "Whistling Cat" is added to the notable group of historical romances by which Robert W. Chambers is depicting the most stirring chapters in America's past.  The grand panorama of the present novel is the Civil War in all the sweep and epic drama of its fratricidal course.  Against this great background the story focuses down upon the activities of the Federl field telegraph service, a thrilling , yet little known phase of that mighty conflict.  The central characters are two young operators, a man and a woman who both come from the Texas town of "Whistling Cat."  Thrown together by common dangers, a beautiful romance grows up between them, although this is threatened at every moment by the imminence of capture or death.  Along with their mutual adventures, an exciting account is given of the field telegraph service, of meetings with famous Southern spies, of escapes before cavalry charges, of wires tapped, and of messsages intercepted.  Beyond this, the movel embraces a magnificient picture of the war as a whole--the actual battles, campaigns and political intrigues.  Such historical personages as Lincoln, Grant, Lee, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas, and others are introduced.  Here, indeed, is a skillful blend of high romance and authentic history.  Here is a novel which comes from the pen of a man who is an experienced novelist and a brilliant scholar as well.
Whatever Love Is
1933, Appleton.

The flapper age. 4 p.l., 397, [1] p. 20 cm. Serialized in the Delineator .
The flapper age.
Howard Swiggett
War Out of Niagara Walter Butler and the Tory Rangers
New York: Columbia Univeristy Press, 1933 Very Good+/good. First Edition. Private Press. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Clean and attractive early 20th century publisher's blue cloth binding. Gilt title, author, publisher and "New York State Historical Association Series" on smooth spine; former owners name and paperclip residue on fep... Binding and text block are tight, sound and mostly very clean. Includes six pages of illustrations and photographs pertaining to Butler; frontis depicts "One of Walter Butler's Rangers". Overall, a nice clean copy

# Inspired by Robert W. Chambers and his remarkable fiction about the Mohawk Valley and "the villainous Walter Butler" Swiggett has researched and written the true story of Walter Butler and the Tory Rangers.
# His extensive bibliography includes many unpublished sources.
# New York was the most essentially Tory of all the Colonies. There was greater wealth in New York, and a greater contrast between rich and poor. It was the last state to agree to the Declaration of Independence"---"Not so in New York or Tryon where the Johnsons and Butlers had no mountain range to block the long valley westward, where their own lands were widening. British Canada, too, ran along their right hand."

Secret Service Operator 13
1934, Appleton.

Civil war 1861-1865. 4 p.l., 405, [1] p. 20 cm. 


Serialized in Cosmopolitan.


Published as Spy No. 13, Philip Allan, London, 1935.

A.L. Burt reprint.  (see full dust jacket below)

reprinted by Triangle Books, 1942 (see figure)


An account of the devious methods of obtaining and passing information examines both the Union and Confederate espionage systems during the Civil War. The story follows Union Secret Service agent Pauline Cushman and Southern spy Jack Gaillard from the early days of the war to Appomattox 

Dust Jacket blurb - "Gail loveless, a beautiful and talented actress, was initiated into the Union Secret Service and sent as a spy into the headquarters of Jeb Stewart, one of the most dashing Confederate generals. There disguised as a colored laundress, she carried out her difficult assignment, knowing that the penalty for being caught was death. There, too, she met Jack Gaillard, one of the trusted secret agents of the Confederacy and her most dangerous enemy, dangerous because they fell in love with each other.      Secret Service Operator #13 is more than just a romance and more than just a spy story. It is an authentic, though novelized, account of the expionage systems of both the North and the South during the Civil War and it is crowded with real battles, real riots and real people."
From the dust-jacket:  "This is perhaps the most colorful and exciting story that Mr. Chambers has ever written. Before one's eyes is unfolded the drama of the espionage systems, both Union and Confederate, during the Civil War.
     "At the outset , Gail Loveless [ a mulatto ] a beautiful actress, craving excitement, is initiated into the Union Secret Service by being sent, with the famous agent, Pauline Cushman, to Jeb Stuart's headquarters. Stuart has caught and hanged two of the North's best spies already, yet Gail, disguised as 'Lucille Lyndon', mulatto laundress, makes ehr way successfully to her post. "
     What follows makes for exciting reading!

The Young Man's Girl
1934, Appleton.

The flapper age. vi, 338, [1] p. 20 cm. Serialized in the Delineator .
The flapper age.
Love and the Lieutenant
1935, Appleton.

 viii p., 1 l., 402 p. 20 cm.  Serialized in Woman's Home Companion .
American revolution. Includes British recruiting of Hessian soldiers in Germany and the Burgoyne campaign. 
The Gold Chase
1935, Appleton.

Illustrated. 3 p. l., 250 p. illus. 20 cm. Serialized as Thalassa. .
Detective and adventure. Historical treasure hunt in seach of De Soto's gold left behind during his great march through the wild of Florida.
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