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The following Robert W. Chambers filmography is collected from material being prepared by researcher Donald Clarke for publication later this year.  The material may be of interest to students on campus.  Essentially, it is propietary information and for use only by the researcher.  Most of this information is publically available through a number of sources on the net and through libraries and institutions across the U.S.A.  Should you be interested in this subject, Mr. Clarke offers this material for your education and edification.  Please do not use it in any other way.  You can follow the Go To after each title or follow the year to year by pressing the NEXT button at the bottom of this page.  RETURN at each film page will return you to this film listing.  If you have questions, suggestions, or information about RWC films, please feel free to contact Mr. Clarke through the campus mail with "Attn: Donald Clarke - RWC filmography" in the subject line. 
Email: muonline@miskatonicuniversitypress.com  .
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Film Title Year and Source Link
The Reckoning (1908) novel: The Firing Line
The Fighting Chance (1913) novel: The Fighting Chance
The Common Law  (1916) novel: The Common Law
The Fighting Chance (1916) novel: The Fighting Chance
The Girl Philippa  (1916) novel: The Girl Philippa
Fettered Woman  (1917) novel: Anne's Bridge
The Hidden Children (1917) novel: The Hidden Children
Who Goes There?  (1917) novel: Who Goes There?
The Business of Life (1918) novel: The Business of Life
The Danger Mark  (1918) novel: The Danger Mark
The Girl of Today  (1918) short story:  The Girl of Today
The Women Between Friends  (1918) novel: Between Friends
The Black Secret  (1919) novel: In Secret
The Cambric Mask  (1919) novel: The Cambric Mask
The Dark Star  (1919) novel: The Dark Star
The Firing Line  (1919) novel: The Firing Line
Even as Eve  (1920) short story:  The Shining Band
The Turning Point (1920) novel: Japonette
The Fighting Chance (1920) novel: The Fighting Chance
The Restless Sex  (1920) novel: The Restless Sex
The Song of the Soul (1920) RWC wrote the story cards
Unseen Forces  (1920) novel: Athalie
Cardigan  (1922) novel: Cardigan
The Common Law  (1923) novel: The Common Law
America  (1924) novel: America
Between Friends  (1924) novel: Between Friends
The Common Law  (1931) novel: The Common Law
Operator 13  (1934) novel: Secret Service Operator 13
A Time Out of War (1954) short story: Pickets
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