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Ladies of the Lake - MU-LBS00086
    a short story from "Police!!!" by Robert W. Chambers
          see also: Chambers, Robert W.
          see also: Police!!!.
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Le Fanu, Sheridan
        Green Tea

The Lemegeton. [V1] - MU-RBL00109
         The Lesser Key of Solomon
               Book: Ars Almadel. [V1] - MU-RBL00101
         Ars Almadel. [V2] - MU-RBL00102

Levi, Eliphas
         Pseudonym for Alphonse Constant
          see: Eliphas Levi

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Liber Juratus. [V1] - MU-RBL00132
          AKA: Sworne Booke of Honoryus
        See: Honorius, Pope

The Listener. - MU-LBS00017
          short story by Algernon Blackwood
          see also:  Blackwood, Algernon.

Livre Rouge of Louis Claude de Saint Martin
       See also: Louis-Claude de Saint Martin

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Lost in a Pyramid, or the Mummy's Curse - MU-LBS00126
          See also: Alcott, Louisa May

Louis Claude de Saint-Martin (January 18, 1743 – 1803)
          The Red Book (pdf)

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips

See also: H. P. Loveccraft - Department of Literature


At the Mountains of Madness - MU-LBS00010
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - MU-LBS00028
The Colour Out of Space - MU-LBS00005
The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath - MU-LBS00036
Dreams in the Witch-House - MU-LBS00030
The Dunwich Horror - MU-LBS00031
Herbert West: Reanimator - MU-LBS00032 
The Horror at Red Hook - MU-LBS00033
The Shadow Out of Time - MU-LBS00034
The Shadow Over Innsmouth - MU-LBS00035
The Whisperer in Darkness - MU-LBS00037


The Alchemist - MU-LBS00002
Azathoth - MU-LBS00038
The Beast in the Cave - MU-LBS00039
Beyond the Wall of Sleep - MU-LBS00040
The Book - MU-LBS00041
The Call of Cthulhu - MU-LBS00042
The Cats of Ulthar - MU-LBS00007
Celephais - MU-LBS00043
Cool Air - MU-LBS00044
Dagon - MU-LBS00045
The Descendant - MU-LBS00012
The Doom That Came to Sarnath - MU-LBS00046
The Evil Clergyman - MU-LBS00047
Ex Oblivione - MU-LBS00048 
Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family - MU-LBS00049
The Festival - MU-LBS00050
From Beyond - MU-LBS00051
The Haunter Of The Dark - MU-LBS00052
He - MU-LBS00029
The History of the Necronomicon - MU-RBL00124
The Hound - MU-LBS00053
Hypnos - MU-LBS00054
Ibid - MU-LBS00055
Imprisoned with the Pharaos - MU-LBS00056
In The Vault - MU-LBS00006
The Lurking Fear - MU-LBS00057
Memory - MU-LBS00058
The Moon-Bog - MU-LBS00059
The Music of Erich Zann - MU-LBS00060
The Nameless City - MU-LBS00061
Nyarlathotep - MU-LBS00062
Old Bugs - MU-LBS00063
The Other Gods - MU-LBS00064
The Outsider - MU-LBS00065
Pickman's Model - MU-LBS00066
The Picture in the House - MU-LBS00067
Polaris - MU-LBS00068
The Quest of Iranon - MU-LBS00069
The Rats in the Walls - MU-LBS00070
A Reminiscence Of Dr. Samuel Johnson - MU-LBS00080
The Shunned House - MU-LBS00071
The Silver Key - MU-LBS00072 
The Statement of Randolph Carter - MU-LBS00026
The Strange High House in the Mist - MU-LBS00073
The Street - MU-LBS00074
Sweet Ermengarde by Percy Simple - MU-LBS00075
The Temple - MU-LBS00076
The Terrible Old Man - MU-LBS00077
The Thing on the Doorstep - MU-LBS00009
The Tomb - MU-LBS00078
The Transition of Juan Romero - MU-LBS00079
The Tree - MU-LBS00027
The Unnamable - MU-LBS00004
The Very Old Folk - MU-LBS00082
What the Moon Brings - MU-LBS00083 
The White Ship - MU-LBS00013

Fiction: Revisions and Collaborations

Ashes with C. M. Eddy - MU-LBS00081
The Battle that Ended the Century with Robert Barlow - MU-LBS00008
The Challenge from Beyond with C. L. Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard, and Frank Belknap Long - 
Collapsing Cosmoses with Robert Barlow - 
The Crawling Chaos with Elizabeth Berkeley - 
The Curse of Yig with Zealia Bishop - 
Deaf, Dumb, and Blind with C. M. Eddy - 
The Diary of Alonzo Typer with William Lumley - 
The Disinterment with Duane W. Rimel - 
The Electric Executioner with Adolphe de Castro - 
The Ghost Eater with C. M. Eddy - 
The Green Meadow with Winifred V. Jackson - 
The Horror at Martin's Beach with Sonia H. Greene - 
The Horror in the Burying Ground with Hazel Heald - 
The Horror in the Museum with Hazel Heald - 
The Last Test with Adolphe de Castro - 
The Loved Dead with C. M. Eddy - 
The Man of Stone with Hazel Heald - 
Medusa's Coil with Zealia Bishop - 
The Mound with Zealia Bishop - 
The Night Ocean with R. H. Barlow - 
Out of the Aeons with Hazel Heald - 
Poetry and the Gods with Anna Helen Crofts - 
The Thing in the Moonlight with J. Chapman Miske - 
Through the Gates of the Silver Key with E. Hoffmann Price - 
Till A' the Seas with R. H. Barlow -
The Trap with Henry S. Whitehead - 
The Tree on the Hill with Duane W. Rimel -
Two Black Bottles with Wilfred Blanch Talman - 
The Winged Death with Hazel Heald - 
Within The Walls Of Eryx with Kenneth Sterling - 


An American to Mother England - 
Astrophobos - MU-PVS00001
The Bride of the Sea - 
The Cats - 
Christmas Blessings - 
Christmas Snows - 
Christmastide - 
The City - 
The Conscript - 
Despair - 
To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany - 
Egyptian Christmas - 
Fact and Fancy - 
Festival - 
The Fungi from Yuggoth - MU-PVS00002
The Garden - 
Good Saint Nick - 
Halcyon Days - 
Hallowe'en in a Suburb - 
The House - 
Laeta; A Lament - 
Lines on General Robert E. Lee - 
Little Tiger - 
The Messenger - MU-PVS00003
Nathicana- MU-PVS00004
Nemesis  - 
Ode for July Fourth, 1917  - 
On Receiving a Picture of Swans 
Pacifist War Song - 1917  - 
The Peace Advocate  - 
The Poe-ets Nightmare  - 
Poemata Minoria, Volume II  - 
Providence  - 
The Rose of England  - 
On Reading Lord Dunsany's Book of Wonder  - 
Revelation  - 
St. John  - 
Sunset  - 
Tosh Bosh  - 
Where Once Poe Walked  - 
Waste Paper  - 
The Wood - 


The Allowable Rhyme  - MU-NFS00001
At the Root  - MU-NFS00002
Cats and Dogs  - MU-NFS00006
The Despised Pastoral  - MU-NFS00004
History of the Necronomicon  - MU-RBL00124
Metrical Regularity  -MU-NFS00005
Notes On Writing Weird Fiction  - MU-NFS00003
Supernatural Horror in Literature - MU-NFS00007

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The Lurking Fear - MU-LBS00057
    a short story by H. P. Lovecraft
          see also: Lovecraft, Howard Phillips
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